The forgotten way: Syncretism

The first time I noted being a syncretist, people were surprised, some even not actually aware of what it means.
Syncretism is the practice of combining different beliefs, and yes, I am adherent to it.
It’s essentially the opposite of the so-called “Third Position”, which is all about opposing and dividing those of the “regular beliefs”.
Although it mainly shows when it comes to the practice of politics, at which I never have been shy to admit my point of view.
It does show in my religious vision as well, at least, if you take the time to actually get to know me, instead of just judging me…

When it comes to religion, I am a theist, I do believe there is at least 1 god, although with low confidence, so specifically, I am an Agnostic Theist.
And technically, I am a Karaite Jew…
Technically as factually, I do have my opposition of Judaism, which all has to do with parts of the written scriptures.
That being said, Judaism is closer to what I believe than any of the Christian or Islamic beliefs.
And even beyond that, my vision is not shown in any of the religions I am aware of regardless.
Like the lack of a vision of nonviolence in the Abrahamic religions, which is very important in the Dharmic religions…
Yet, religion is not my first importance in life regardless.

Politics however are.
And before anything, I have to say that people active at politics confuse me, as when something is said people agree with, they will basically cheer, but when something is said people don’t agree with, they will all attack.
It’s just really silly to me that people are unaware of how basically we always seem to act as groups, instead of just being who we are.
As even in politics it is important to remember, we are all unique.
And more so, politics are important to us all, regardless of our age.
Which is actually the only thing I have not truly spoken out here on my blog before, but what really frustrates me about politics is that whether we talk about left or right, I always get noted to not be active at politics because of my age.
The reality is that everyone of my age should be active at politics, and even more so, that we have actually have rights, like the right to vote.
Because the decisions that are made reflect on our lives too, but we are currently not even able to get ourselves heard.
It’s why my greatest political support is towards the Council of Europe, (and charitable support towards ChildFund,) as they actually are willing to listen to me without any concern about my age.
And also actually why the United Nations is not on my list of oppositions, although that has primarily to do with the email I received of one of their (previous) employees who reached out to me…
Which is also why I have chosen to be a syncretist, even though my vision is technically left and liberal (which is the opposite of authoritarian, not conservative), as it doesn’t matter the political vision anyone has, it always tend to end up in the same, which are broken ways…

We live in this world together, and right now it is all about dividing and grouping up together.
We bring ourselves hurt, destruction and terror.
If we ever want to live in a world where there is peace, we should stop dividing and start uniting.
As in the end, our only enemy is ourselves…

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