The ignored ignorance

Ignorance, the lack of knowledge, learning, information and other examples, or more easily, the lack of understanding.
It has been ongoing worldwide, with the best known examples being the slavery of people with a black skin and injustice to those of the feminine gender.

Another point of ignorance is that word just now, “gender”, people tend to say it is actually NOT related to the word “sex”, however, with thanks to replies of an Oxford Dictionaries representative, Cambridge University English teachers and website of  Wiktionary, Wikipedia’s free dictionary, I can state that “Gender” and “Sex” are 100% related to each other.
Does that mean using the word “gender” is incorrect to state your “gender identity”, the answers were 1…
In accordance to both dictionaries, it is not the incorrect usage, as language evolves through age, however, stating that gender is unrelated to the word sex is.
Throughout history the words sex and gender have been used to state the same, whether someone is either male or female, and in more recent years also those who are gender-neutral, however, the usage for gender identities has started within the recent 10 to 20 years.
As the English language already exists thousands of years, going back to “Anglo-Saxon England”, changes like these will not be commonly accepted, as what is attempted by people is the removal of the first meaning of a word.
All in all, it is ignorance to state people who use gender and sex interchangeably are ignorant, instead if you state this, you are the one who is, as you lack the understanding, not the other way around.

Yet, that is an example of clear ignorance, something that happens commonly and is known to most people.
What I want to talk about today, that is ignored ignorance, ignorance that no one even notices in general.

The one I choose to bring under the attention of people is one I stated to come back to, relations of religion and charities.
I can state I am a believer of 1 of the 2 lesser ones who are connecting religion with charities, that is of the 3 major religions…
Yes, Judaism, but also the Islam, do not very often connect to charities, while it does happen, there is only 1 that can be stated to be an annoyance…
In actual fact that is Christianity, it is a major problem when it comes to charity, but also in fact ignored by almost all people of the Christian belief.
As Jew it is not seen as unacceptable to have christianity as second religion or converting to it.
At the Islamic believe, it is, and without a doubt, that is where massive problems start.

People often think of the Islamic belief when it comes to people pushing others to convert, however, it is as common at Christianity.
When it comes to charities helping children, most are nowadays to connected to religion, with extremely high numbers when it comes to Christianity.
It could mean many things that the Christian belief does this so often, but that is not that important to me, as I do not say it is bad in general.
The problem however does arise when it comes to vulnarable children, think of Orphans, Street Children, Abused Children, Children of War and some more examples.
In most examples that charities are connected to any religion, they will try to convert the children while they are supporting them.
However, when you convert a Muslim child, especially to Christianity, you will dishonour that child causing consequences that could be as bad as the killing of that child…
Is it right that those consequences happen? That is obviously a no…
However, the charity workers are the ones who are ignorant, as this is not unknown to happen, it is cultural/religious, and while you may not agree with this happening, it is not yours to judge others for their ways, and in fact the cause is you for converting the child in the first place..

Still, actually the ignorance does not stop just there.
Christians themselves often see the Middle East as a place where only the Islamic believe exists, that while Israel(and the area of Palestine) is part of the Middle East, which has the Jewish belief as major religion, but also there is Christianity, hence the many people who stand for Persecuted Christians.
Their own believe simply forgotten because of the area people live at, I doubt I could think of a bigger ignorance example myself.
However, it ain’t that weird people forget that, as people also believe anything that is published in the first place.
Like the Yemenese girl Nada al-Ahdal(قضية ندى الأهدل), she was said to be forced in an Arranged Marriage:

Most people are, well there is no other way of saying, smart enough to understand that child marriage is wrong.
Yes, it is, and while I could go explain the actual hundreds of reasons, which include biological reasons, it should be not hard to understand.
However, when it comes to Nada al-Ahdal controversy is everywhere…
An 11 year old girl back then, said to be even killed by many, but you might want to notice something many people have to yet notice…

Anyone who did actually experience something bad will notice she talks too easily, quite swiftly without any moment of showing any real emotion…
She talks like it is just another interview, but also, she is too precise…
And it is not that hard to take another example, see and
Emotions are clearly noticed at the second example…

Yet the truth came out soon later, with even many Women and Pro-Women organizations speaking out AGAINST her…

However, by then she already made her success, which is shown by her (overpriced) book “La rosée du matin”, or in English “Morning Dew” being published…
Still, you might speak up against me, saying that I am trying to discredit her, but you might want to think again and actually look at one of her interview videos, which is more of a campaign video…


Yet what is the point of all I am saying?
Well, that not everything is as clear as you might suppose it to be…
Something might be 1 way, but at the same also another way.
You might want to do something 1 way, but cause another something to happen because of it.
And something might happen, but that does not mean everyone who says it happens or happened to them are telling the truth.
Sometimes, it is not easy to know the truth, and therefore you could be ignorant without you even noticing and/or understanding it.
That does not say you are bad, neither does it say anyone else is bad, but it is important people do not think about only doing good, but also the consequences of their acts to cause good to happen…


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