In the realm of knowledge, doors open wide,
Education is the key, a trusted guide.
From the first step in school, with eyes bright-eyed,
A journey of learning, with time as the tide.

Books and lessons, a world to explore,
Each page turned, a promise of more.
In every fact, every lore,
Wisdom to gather, to store.

School is a canvas, vibrant and vast,
Where memories are painted, shadows are cast.
In its halls, friendships that last,
A foundation built to outlast.

Learning is not confined to a room,
It flourishes everywhere, in full bloom.
From the rise of the sun, to the moon’s gloom,
It’s a lifelong journey, a constant boon.

Education is more than grades on paper,
It’s about growing, shaping one’s character.
In every challenge, every caper,
It’s the light that makes the future clearer.

So here’s to learning, to education’s call,
To the teachers, the students, one and all.
In this journey, whether big or small,
May we continue to learn, to rise after every fall.

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