I wrote this poem as a school assignment last year. The task was to break away from our usual approach and venture into new poetic territory, especially for those of us who find ourselves composing poems frequently – myself included. The catch was that we had to avoid our typical rhyming schemes. As luck would have it, my poem received the highest marks in the class. However, it’s worth noting that this might have been influenced by the fact that many of my classmates didn’t exactly approach the assignment with the utmost seriousness.

My teacher pointed out that my writing tends to be too literal. She suggested incorporating more vivid imagery and figurative language. But I’ll be honest, that’s proving to be quite the challenge for me. That’s actually why I decided to start this blog – in the hopes that, over time, I’ll manage to tackle some of these writing hurdles that I’m facing.


I love to read,
It’s my favorite thing to do.
I can lose myself in a book,
And forget about all my troubles.

I can travel to far-off lands,
And meet amazing people.
I can learn about new cultures,
And see the world through different eyes.

Reading is a journey,
And I’m always eager to see where it takes me.
It’s a way to escape reality,
And explore new possibilities.

Reading is a gift,
And I’m so grateful for it.
It’s opened up a whole new world to me,
And I’ll never stop being grateful for that.

So thank you, books,
For all the joy you’ve brought me.
You’ve made my life richer,
And I’ll never forget you.

I love to read,
It’s my favorite escape.
I can lose myself in a story,
And forget about my own.

I can be anyone I want to be,
And do anything I want to do.
I can travel to any place in the world,
And meet any person I’ve ever dreamed of.

Reading is my happy place,
And I’m so grateful for it.
It’s a place where I can always go,
To feel safe and loved.

Thank you, books,
For being my friends.
You’ve always been there for me,
And I’ll never forget you.

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