You are likely to have noticed it by now, people who state by which pronoun they want to be named. I can understand it, to be honest, it’s hard being called a he while being a she, and the same way the other way around. Still, I can’t deny that I am not someone who likes the ‘singular they’ movement. They has always been plural, they is about multiple people, not 1 person. And it’s not surprising that it’s this term that causes a lot of troubles when it comes to the pronoun movement. It would have been better if a new term was created instead of just changing the meaning of another, especially when it just causes confusion and therefore is not a move forward. That’s how terminology usually evolves, by the addition of words, not by merging different meanings in 1 term. Still, I can’t deny it’s not anything new, and I am not even talking about just recent years when it comes to that…

Still, that’s not even the worst part of the pronoun movement in recent years, as there is a huge problem with those who use pronouns different from their actual genetic gender. Somehow all seem to be proclaiming to be supportive to equality.
Yes, you heard me right, they’re stating to be supportive to equality, even though the whole pronoun movement is an actual opposition to equality.
As let’s be clear here, equality is about seeing everyone as equal, which includes people of different genders. So, if you’re supportive equality, why does it even matter how you’re called? Everyone is equal to the belief of equality, meaning that if you’re called a he as a she, and the other way around, you wouldn’t be less or more, right?
And that’s not all, as if equality matters to these people that much, why don’t they just want to be called a person, and not he, she, it, they, or whatever? Pronouns in general are a way we separate groups, the exact opposition of equality…

The reality is that most people who call upon equality are most often not about equality. And, no, I’m not about equality myself, I have always been clear to be supportive of equity myself, with the addition of a good bit of compassion and mercy.
True equality would never work as there will always be people who exploit the system. If equality reigned, there would be people who put massive amounts of effort into things, but would be rewarded equally to those who are just goofing around and don’t put in any effort whatsoever. It’s what factually already happens today and it’s not right.

And I can already hear people say, “but what about people who can’t work?”, which is a notable statement I have often heard in conversations about equality and disabilities. Which again shows a lack of understanding not only about equality, but also about disabilities. When it comes to those with disabilities, they often put as much, often even more, effort into things as any other person, people just aren’t aware because they don’t understand the fact that everyone is different, so what may seem as little to some, may be much to others.

For example, there are 2 translators working at a company. 1 has no disabilities, and the other is severely handicapped. The person without disabilities completes 100 translations in a day, while the disabled person completes just a single translation.
At the end of the month, they both still get paid similar amounts. Which may seem weird, until you take a moment to notice that the person without disabilities has no problem completing the translations, he has so much time leftover that he is slacking most of the time. However, the person with disabilities has more problems, he often has to work overtime to complete his daily translation. The person without a disability has a bigger number in quantity, but the person with a disability actually took more effort to completing the work.
It’s just an example and most companies won’t notice this, but when it comes to this, the person with a disability is actually the better worker, as it isn’t just about quantity, it’s also about being dedicated…

And it’s not just when it comes to work when people aren’t aware about it, it’s also about daily life. There are people who truly struggle, those who need more help, which doesn’t mean they’re less, but does require them to get the support they deserve, which in an equal world wouldn’t happen, as others would be treated less at that time based on concept of equality. Again, that’s why I am personally supportive to equity.

The reality is that our society is broken, as while we don’t want to face it, most things aren’t about us, they are just about me, me, me. Call it narcissism, call it egotism, I couldn’t care about it. All that matters to me is that there are enough people who validly are treated less, and as much as we like to act differently, we don’t notice this at all. And I won’t deny that I am among the people who don’t always notice…