In the pulsating chambers of a child’s heart, there lies a secret realm,
A land unseen by grown-up eyes, with a child at its helm.
Where the mundane morphs into marvelous, and reality bends,
In this land of unseen wonders, the magic never ends.

The carpet morphs into a sea, the bed a pirate ship,
In this world of make-believe, they’re on an endless trip.
Through the tapestry of illusion, their adventures spun,
In the land of unseen wonders, their saga has begun.

The hum of the refrigerator becomes a dragon’s roar,
Every closet hides a secret passage to explore.
Through the corridors of fantasy, their joy unfurls,
In the land of unseen wonders, they’re the kings and queens of worlds.

In the fortress built from pillows, they find a sovereign state,
Where they negotiate with teddy bears and seal their playful fate.
Through the pages of daydreams, as each chapter is spun,
In the land of unseen wonders, they dance under the sun.

Their toys are not just objects, but friends who share their days,
Guiding them through life’s labyrinth in countless ways.
Through the tempests of pretend play, as challenges roar,
In the land of unseen wonders, their spirits soar.

In shared laughter and whispered secrets, in victory and in strife,
They etch their legacy in the sands of playful life.
Through the hourglass of childhood, as moments into memories log,
In the land of unseen wonders, their love’s melody continues to jog.

As twilight descends and stars begin their silent song,
Their bond with imagination remains unbroken and strong.
Through seasons and years, their connection with play does not bog,
In the land of unseen wonders, they eternally belong.

So here’s to the children and their enchanted pretend,
To a love for make-believe that knows no end.
In the land of unseen wonders, let’s continue to weave our tales,
For in their boundless creativity, enchantment always prevails.

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