In gardens where emotions bloom,
Whispers weave through nature’s loom.
Each petal carries a message true,
The language of flowers, old and new.

A rose proclaims love, ever sweet,
Its crimson blush, a heart’s entreat.
Tulips declare affection’s plea,
In colors vast and spirits free.

Lilies whisper of purity’s grace,
A fragrant dance, they interlace.
With daisies, innocence takes flight,
A meadow’s laughter, pure and bright.

The violet hums of secrets kept,
In their deep hues, emotions swept.
Jasmine scents the tender night,
In love’s embrace, two souls ignite.

The sunflower beams with joy untamed,
In golden fields where dreams are named.
And camellias, with a soft embrace,
Convey deep longing, love’s truest face.

But thorns may hide in blossoms fair,
A cautionary tale they share.
For in this language, hearts may break,
Yet healing blooms, a chance to take.

In gardens where emotions soar,
The language of flowers we explore.
Each bloom a chapter, a story’s start,
In nature’s verses, we find the heart.

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