In a small house on a quiet street,
Lived a lonely boy with little to meet,
His days were long and often bleak,
With no one to talk to or with to speak.

But there was one who never left his side,
A faithful dog with a heart full of pride,
Through thick and thin, the pup stayed,
And the boy’s loneliness slowly ebbed away.

Together they’d roam the fields and hills,
Their hearts full of joy and endless thrills,
The boy would laugh and the dog would bark,
As they chased each other through the park.

In the evenings, they’d sit by the fire,
The boy with his dog, his only desire,
They’d cuddle up and watch the flames,
And dream of adventures, with no names.

The boy found solace in his dog’s eyes,
And the pup would never leave his side,
Together they’d brave the darkest night,
And make the world feel just a little bit right.

For in this world, where life can be tough,
And the road can be rocky, rough and gruff,
It’s the love of a dog, that can be enough,
To make a lonely boy feel loved and tough.

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