1914, it may seem like a random year I name, yet, it is not.
1914 is a very well known year because of the Christmas Truce(Weihnachtsfrieden, Trêve de Noël, Kerstbestanden), a truly remarkable moment during the First World War, which never happened again.

Yes, it is actually possible, peace during war, and the reason why this is possible is quite understandable, we all want the same.
The reality is that most soldiers don’t fight to kill, they fight to protect their country, and when our leaders say a certain act is to protect their country, they will do that act, or they are forced to do the act.
Which has always been the problem surrounding war, that it is not truly about what the people of our countries want, it is about what the leaders of our countries want. And even more to the point, in a time in which we call the media reports as “fake news”, it is important to finally realize that the true spreaders of fake news are our leaders.

Somehow, it is something many people don’t realize, but when it comes to situations like war and conflict, they are only beneficial to our world leaders, hence many of the situations take years, and are empowered by many other nations. If our world leaders truly cared about peace, they would be able to resolve these kind of situations within the United Nations, which we all know doesn’t happen. In fact, we are nowadays in the situation that the United Nations is not even impartial anymore, something that the United Nations was intended to actually be about, being that impartial voice…
The reality of the wars and conflicts not being about the people of our countries can be noticed by the amount of deaths of regular civilians, and the amount of fleeing refugees. If you need a simple example of this, look at Syria and compare the amount of deaths and refugees to the amount of people that used to live in Syria, as, without any doubt, you will be shocked to the extremes.

So, what is the solution?
Simple, we need to hold our leaders accountable for their acts.
As, no, we currently don’t do so. Just look at the moment when war crimes happen, the ones who are held accountable are always the ones who directly committed them, yet, our leaders are most often not held to account for war crimes, even though they indirectly committed them as well.
If we want a world where peace reigns, it needs the fighting to stop, and for the fighting to stop, we need our leaders to want it stop…

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