The upcoming change of President at the USA might be in a way positive, which has nothing to do with Donald Trump, but only with his wife Melania.
Most joked about her statement regarding wanting to fight cyberbullying, which was quite obvious to do, as Donald Trump’s Twitter timeline would be illegal at quite some countries if we would follow their laws, however, if Melania is successful, she would not only stop Donald’s bullying, but could actually make the internet safer around the whole world!

So, how is that even possible that Melania Trump could make the internet for all users by just changing the ways of the USA?
Well, that has all to do with the fact that most of the most used websites, but more specifically social media platforms, are hosted by companies based at the USA.
The obvious examples of these are Twitter, Google(-Youtube), and Facebook(-Instagram), which 3 hold most of the most important websites at our regular lives at the internet.

Before moving on, it is important to note that it actually could have been noticed that the USA is all-powerful when it comes to this.
At Wales and England, 2 autonomous regions of the country United Kingdom, trolling is officially banned by law…
I didn’t however use the word “officially” without any reason, as in practice, this won’t work out, as it would cause British trolls to be punished, while those around the world wouldn’t, because this being a law at England and Wales, and not around the whole world.
Which would bring us to our Human Rights, specifically Article 7, which states “All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law. All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of this Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination.”
In basics, this law officially goes against the Human Rights, as it would actually be impossible for people from all over the world to get prosecuted by this British law, causing people…
Of course, not to be equally protected by law, therefore not being equal by law, and therefore this law going against Article 7 of the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”…
.. Auch…

So, why could it be different at the USA?
Well, like I said, this has to do with the companies hosting most of our most used websites, they’re based at the USA, and most of these sites are also hosted at the USA.
In basics, this causes in general for the American laws to come first, hence all children are protected by law “18 U.S. Code § 1470” at Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.
Now this is not always the case, like when it comes to handing over personal information, at the USA you apparently are required to do so, but at most of the rest of the world, you won’t actually have to, and these social media platforms need to honour this right, even though they try to get your information regardless…
To keep it simple, 1-on-1 situations with a website your own country’s laws comes first, public situations the hosting country’s laws, and at 1-on-1 situations with another user.. well, that is actually the only true complicated one, and the only one were you see those active at law to have to think for a longer time.
Simply put, changing the laws regarding internet safety at the USA, will affect us all.

Eventually, the anti-cyberbullying statement is to me the only statement of the whole Trump campaign I take serious, even though it was not made by Donald, but by Melania, because it has an effect on me personally.
Now some would state that an USA-Russia alliance would also be important for me as Ukrainian, but you’re wrong, as those who take time to get their facts, know Putin having stated already that he would not re-run at the 2018 elections, and unless he goes back on that, he will not be president of Russia anymore from that moment on, and it is quite unlikely that Putin and Trump could create a strong alliance before that, meaning it is quite likely that the next Russian President will take the smart choice of blowing off that alliance.
Primarily being important is that both Russia and USA would be hurt themselves by an alliance, something they both apparently have forgotten, as Ukraine is not the only importance at the hurt that could be caused, but also the situations at countries like Syria, Israel-Palestine, both sides of Korea, Armenia-Azerbaijan, Yemen, and most of the Asian countries(because of China), were the USA and the Russia are currently enemies based on their supports…
And building the wall with Mexico.. is kind of easy, as the majority of the wall already exists, he needs to finish that, and even if he would do it, he won’t be the one who could be credited for it, but rather the many who started it all at the past, who even died building it.. The achievement of building the wall would be tainted by blood…

So, to me, it is important to keep track of Melania’s achievements the upcoming 4 years, as the likeliness of Trump doing something amazing by his previous statements is highly unlikely, while that quite simple statement of fighting cyberbullying could not only be life-changing for Americans, but also for the rest of the world, in an extremely positive way.

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