In Ukraine’s heart, where battles roar,
A tale of woe, a burden bore,
The war children with eyes so wide,
Their innocence lost, they can’t hide.

Amidst the ruins, they once played,
Now haunted souls, in war’s cascade,
Their laughter silenced by the strife,
In shadows cast, devoid of life.

Their tiny hands, once filled with toys,
Now clasp the remnants, shattered joys,
In lands besieged, where hatred raged,
They’re trapped within a war’s cruel cage.

With tear-stained cheeks and fearful hearts,
They long for peace, where love imparts,
Yet grown-ups quarrel, powers vie,
Leaving these children to wonder why.

The streets they walk are battle-scarred,
As memories of a world once marred,
A playground once, now turns to gray,
As dreams of childhood fade away.

The chilling winds, they carry sighs,
Of orphaned dreams and lullabies,
In makeshift homes, their spirits cry,
As hope seems distant in the sky.

Amidst the chaos, some find grace,
Kind souls who help in this dark place,
A beacon shines, a glimmering light,
To hold them close, protect their plight.

Oh, world, take heed, extend your hand,
To heal the wounds in this war-torn land,
Embrace the war children with care,
For love can mend what’s broken, bare.

Let not their future be defined,
By battles fought and peace declined,
But let us vow to break the chain,
And make their world a place of gain.

For in their eyes, hope still resides,
A chance to mend what fate divides,
Together we can help them find,
A childhood’s joy, pure and unmined.

Let’s bridge the gaps that war has made,
To shield them from the harsh crusade,
And in their hearts, plant seeds of grace,
To bloom beyond this war’s embrace.

The plight of Ukraine’s war children dear,
Shall touch our souls, evoke a tear,
Let love and empathy unite,
To bring them solace in the night.

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