Today everyone just assumes they know, even though in reality we are more often unaware of what’s actually going on than we are aware.
1 word is enough and facts won’t even matter anymore. Somehow people just know, even though they don’t truly do.
It leads to us not daring to speak, we struggle in silence, until we break and do what’s forbidden. Another life over, another life gone. Possibly a headline for a few days, and gone after, forgotten forevermore.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), approximately 800 thousand people die from suicide each year. That’s one death every 40 seconds. And here in Ukraine, we are among the top 25 countries with the highest suicide rates around the world. The far majority are young persons, the so-called digital generation. Our so-called power is actually our greatest downfall.
You would expect that adults would care, but the opposite is often true. While reaching out to the leading social media platforms, they confirm that bullying is common, especially actually in countries where the WHO confirms high suicide rates. And worst of all, adults are known to target and bully young persons, hiding behind fake names, fake profiles, trolling, taking lives in the process. It should be a form of murder, but officially it’s still not. Even though the internet is all but new, the justice system is often unable to act, as governments are not taking the just action of putting better laws in place.

And it’s not like it’s an actual secret. Most recent songs I know are about mental health issues, and even beyond that, mostly about drugs, bullying, and suicide.
The American rap artist NF (Nathan John Feuerstein) is among the leading artists in the USA right now, known for rapping about mental health issues, including about suicide. And yet, the USA is also among the countries where bullying is common. But let’s be real here, what do we even expect when world leaders bully?
Examples, that’s what the leaders of our societies should be, but they are not examples of how we should be, the exact opposite. You don’t need to have the same political vision to confirm this. Well, unless you have truly taped your eyes shut and plugged your ears…

It’s the actual reason why I eventually left the Twitter social media platform behind me, the fact the true faces of society show clearly there. Bullying left and right, without anyone taking control to end it. And we all could wait for Twitter to do something, but we’re just as responsible as them. When some anti-bullying songs reach over 500 million views, when there is so much outrage when another life is lost to suicide, when we can all move to the streets to protest against leaderships, how can it be that so little people truly oppose bullying, suicide, and take the first steps forward and become our new leaders?
The answer is simple, as there are more people bullying than those who factually oppose it. Even many who claim to be against bullying still bully the bullies, literally by that becoming what they despise. If they would only realize…

I come from a bad childhood, but even I wasn’t prepared. Today’s society is like a black hole, sucking all good emotions into it and leaving only the bad and sad. I still remember when the happiness got sucked out of me, and how my online activity became dark. You can see it here on my blog, on The Calmth, on Twitter, on Facebook, and basically everywhere, except for my personal life. Even the latest song I intended to share is dark, actually about the subject of suicide. I only stopped myself just in time…

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It’s exactly why I said to myself that enough is enough. When I started on the internet back in 2014, it all was new to me, and it was bewildering.
However, that experience eventually fades, and slowly you will become aware of what the internet is truly like.
In a simple way of explaining, it’s the exact same as regular society, just with the ability to hide behind a shroud. Like a shadow, hiding in the dark. Everything or nothing could be either real or fake, we don’t even know, and most people don’t truly care. That which you couldn’t do in public in regular life, you often can do in your digital life. As that’s the greatest of all advantages and problems with the internet, the separation between real and digital. The only thing that’s real for sure is the joy and hurt acts and words can cause. And whether we like to confirm it or not, it’s more often used to hurt than anything else…

That’s why I eventually disconnected from most parts of the internet. When you aren’t there, you can’t be hurt by it.
Besides, it’s also an easy way to disconnect from society all together. After all, most people are online pretty much constantly. And I can’t deny that not having the pressure of society is really calming.

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