On the road of life, we all must tread,
From the early dawn to the evening’s red.
A journey that unfolds, both young and old,
A tapestry of stories, yet to be told.

In youth’s bright morn, with eager eyes,
We spread our wings, reaching for the skies.
With dreams like stars, we aim to soar,
Exploring life’s promise, wanting more.

The road ahead, winding and unknown,
With each step, our strength has grown.
Through laughter, tears, and lessons learned,
We navigate the twists, each curve discerned.

In the spring of life, we taste the sweet,
Love’s tender moments, hearts in beat.
With friends and family by our side,
We find our place, our hearts open wide.

As summer suns blaze and passions ignite,
We chase our ambitions with all our might.
Through struggles and triumphs, we stand tall,
In the pursuit of purpose, we give our all.

Then autumn arrives, leaves begin to fall,
A time of reflection, answering the call.
With wisdom etched on every line,
We embrace the changes, aging like fine wine.

The winter of life, a serene reprieve,
In the quiet moments, we start to perceive.
The beauty of a life well-lived,
In the love we’ve given, in the gifts we’ve sieved.

On this road, we journey far and wide,
With joys and sorrows, with hearts open wide.
The tapestry of life, a story to be told,
From young to old, our journey unfolds.

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