The Russian-Ukrainian existence fight

(Copy and paste of a previously shared Facebook post by me. Because this was intended for my friends, there may be some parts that have not been explained well enough. My apologies for this.)

There is a lie spreading by propagandists that the “Ukrainian” does not exist.
I could say a lot about it, but I don’t need to do so.
This lie is spreading because of the conflict/war that is ongoing at Eastern Ukraine, between Ukraine and Russia.
That is also actually were we would see the mistake of those propagandists, as they spread the lie in support of Russia, forgetting about a simple thing…
The “Russian” does not exist…

Anyone with knowledge about Russia should know that Russia is made up pretty much the same way as the USA, by federal states, hence why the name of Russia is fully “The Russian Federation”.
Russia is made up of several sorts of “federal units”, of which the important one at this are the “Republics”.
To not overly complicate, a Republic is basically a country, however, when it comes to Russia, though not only Russia, they have chosen(!) to join the unity of the federation, in this case the Russian federation.
In terms to this, someone from Tatarstan is a Tatar, someone from Adygea is an Adyghe, from Chechnya is a Chechen, and so quite some more examples. Some Republics also having multiple nationalities, for example Karachay-Cherkessia, which could be either a Karachai, or a Cherkess.

Now that doesn’t actually conclude it.
As that would mean everyone outside the Republics would be Russian, which is were we get another problem, the Russian history.
In simple terms, quite some locations of Russia have not always been how they are now.
An easy example is the Omsk Oblast, a location were we see a huge connection to Kazakhstan, which is obvious when you look back at the previous “Akmolinsk Oblast”, which was made up of an area that includes parts of Kazakhstan and the Omsk Oblast, and even more to the point, Astana previously having had the name “Akmolinsk”.
It’s a multicultural and multi-ethnic location, which is connected to me saying there is no actual Russian.
As when we go back through time, we will notice that when we move back through the time of the Russian Empire, and the Russian Tsardom, that we end up at the “Grand Duchy of Moscow”.
Yet, at the East there is not much that is part of that, instead we see the Turkic and Mongol people ruling that area.
Only at that time we could notice an actual country, as it was just “1 state” at that moment…
Which indeed means that you could be a “Moscovian”, as that exists when we look at history, but a Russian would officially not exist, as Russia has not been “1 state” at the history of Russia, shown by the Republic example that I gave before.

But hold on, that is when Russia is explained, but doesn’t this also actually state that the Ukrainian does not exist, as basically the Ukrainians are a mix of Polish, Lithuanian, Moscovian, Mongol, Turkic, and Turkish descendants?
Well, actually, this is were once again the explanation regarding republics and history play parts, as Ukraine is 1 state, and while it has not officially existed throughout history, it exists now, meaning that it is the state someone belongs to, meaning you can be that as nationality.
Russia is basically several countries together, yet Ukraine is one single country on it’s own.

Still, there remains one location that is important to look at as well, including regarding the whole conflict, which is Crimea.
Since the Russian invasion of Crimea, Crimea is officially a republic again, they could become a single country separated from both Russia and Ukraine easily, something that no other location at Ukraine can do. Many people make a mistake regarding this location however, hence me pointing it out, which is that some mistakenly say that the “Crimean Tatar” is the nationality of anyone at Crimea, which is incorrect, it is officially just “Crimean”. The Crimean Tatar is an ethnicity within the nationality of Crimean, Crimean Tatars are mainly Muslim, while for example “Crimean Karaites” and “Krymchaks” are just as well Crimeans, which are Jews and Orthodox-Christians…
Crimea is however the interesting one as together with Ukraine, it is just part of Ukraine, while when with Russia, it is a republic, this is exactly also how you see the difference between all what I just told, as Russia is an unity, but not a true country, while Ukraine might not be united, but is one country.

Hope this all was understandable…

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