The heavy eyelids start to fall,
As evening’s shadows fill the hall.
The tired mind and weary soul,
Crave the peace that makes them whole.

The soft pillows call my name,
Inviting me to end the game.
Of wakefulness and productivity,
And give in to tranquility.

The sheets are cool, the comforter warm,
Sheltering me from any storm.
Of worries, cares and daily strife,
As I drift to dreamy life.

The Sandman sprinkles somnolent dust,
In my eyes, I surely trust.
To send me off to slumber land,
Following his drowsy hand.

The day now fades into the night,
As I yearn for sleep’s respite.
To rest my body and my brain,
Until the morn I wake again.

The world seems hushed, the pace now slow,
No place else I long to go.
But off to bed to find repose,
Calm as a night-blooming rose.

So turn off the lights and close your eyes,
As the Sandman bids you rise.
Rise up into the arms of sleep,
The treasures of the night to reap.

Drift, dream, float through the starry skies,
Carried on sleep’s lullabies.
Give in, give over to the peace,
As slumber’s spell brings soft release.

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