In the heart of autumn, when leaves are spent,
And the moon wears a grin slightly bent,
There comes a night of innocent intent,
When the veil between worlds is gently rent.

On October’s final, chilling stage,
The spirits of past and present engage,
In a dance where age is but a cage,
Halloween, the night, history’s page.

From ancient Celtic times it rose,
A night when the boundary between realms froze,
A tradition that continuously grows,
In the dance of shadows, a love for Halloween shows.

Ghouls and ghosts, witches on flight,
Jack-o’-lanterns glowing bright in the night,
Children laughing in delightful fright,
In the shadows’ waltz, Halloween’s delight.

Costumes worn, identities concealed,
Candies collected from the neighborhood field,
In every ‘trick or treat’ joy is revealed,
In the shadows’ waltz, all fears are healed.

Despite reminders of death and notions of scare,
The heart of Halloween is fair,
A celebration of life, moments to share,
In the shadows’ waltz, we show we care.

As the dawn breaks, lifting the spectral haze,
The magic of Halloween in our hearts stays,
In every rustling leaf and cool breeze that plays,
Echoes the shadows’ waltz, in mysterious ways.

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