Occasionally, I attempt to compose a poem centered around a particular health condition, special need, or disability. The present one is focused on cerebal palsy. I strive to maintain a positive tone in these poems since I believe that we require more optimistic perspectives on such conditions. Nonetheless, I do not intend to downplay the difficulties associated with them, as they can be genuinely challenging. I apologize sincerely if anyone perceives my poem negatively.


In a world where every step forms a dance,
There exists a rhythm, born from circumstance,
A melody woven in resilience and perseverance,
A testament to the warriors of cerebral palsy, in every stance.

Symptoms may vary, yet each story aligns,
In muscle stiffness, or movements that intertwine,
In the tremble of a hand, or a walk’s design,
Yet in their spirit, there is no resign.

Speech may stutter, like a hesitant song,
Yet their voices, in strength, belong,
In their eyes, a determination strong,
In the unseen rhythm, they prove us wrong.

Balance may falter, like leaves in the wind,
Yet with each fall, resilience is pinned,
In their courage, victories are grinned,
In the unseen rhythm, hope is kindled and twinned.

Seizures may strike, like unexpected rain,
Yet they rise again and again,
In their struggle, there’s much to gain,
In the unseen rhythm, they break every chain.

Cognitive challenges may cloud the day,
Yet in their hearts, sunshine holds sway,
In their journey, they lead the way,
In the unseen rhythm, they do not stray.

As the stars twinkle in the vast night sky,
Echoes their spirit, in every sigh,
In the unseen rhythm, we identify,
The power of love, in cerebral palsy’s cry.

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  1. This is a wonderful description and tribute. I had a student once with C.P. She was brilliant, and I asked her to consult with me to make the Writing Center I directed more accessible.

    1. How did the consultation work out? She was probably blessed by your kindness.

      It really means a lot what you say about my poem. My connection is through my dad, he’s a special education teacher. He has a student with cerebal palsy as well. I see the boy daily, he’s really sweet. That’s what inspired me to write this poem.

      1. It worked out well. Corey was able to show us what was accessible and what was not even though purportedly so. She helped us work out how better to get in and out of the Writing Center, and I passed along notes from her about access to the school at large. I’m glad the boy you see is sweet. Corey had that quality as well.

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