Under cloak of night I venture out,
Sniffing for danger, quiet as a scout.
The woods hold secrets for those who dare,
As I wander without a care.

My paws tread softly on the earth,
Far from the burrow of my birth.
The moon guides my path with silver light,
As I wander into the night.

Familiar trails lead to hidden delights,
New scents and sounds under starry nights.
A rustle, a flash, my heart takes flight,
But still I wander into the night.

Curiosity conquers each careful doubt,
The wild calls me out and about.
Though home comforts I know I’ll miss,
The thrill of the unknown I can’t resist.

My kin are cozy, tucked in their beds,
Dreaming of clovers and carrots instead.
They’ll never know what wonders I’ve spied,
As under moonlight and stars I glide.

The lonely hours till dawn I’ll roam,
Making the forest my second home.
Come sunrise I’ll return once more,
Slipping into the burrow as before.

But the wild woods will call me back,
Onto the trails where night creatures track.
The wanderlust stirs my adventurous soul,
As into the darkness again I stole.

My secret self only the moon will see,
The bold wanderer I long to be.
Nocturnal journeys I’ll always crave,
Far from the burrow, my comfort cave.

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