I understand that weekends may fall on different days depending on the country. For instance, in Israel and Nepal, the weekend is only on Saturday instead of Saturday and Sunday as it is here. Although I am sticking to what is familiar to me, I acknowledge that it may vary for others.


Friday evening descends with a gentle sigh,
As the workweek bids its weary goodbye.
A symphony begins with the setting of the sun,
The weekend waltz has just begun.

Saturday morning awakens with a gentle kiss,
A day brimming with promise and endless bliss.
No alarm to shock us from our slumber deep,
Just the luxury of time and dreams to keep.

The sun dances merrily in the sapphire sky,
As we embrace the freedom that money can’t buy.
A cup of coffee, a book in hand,
The simple pleasures life has planned.

In the garden of leisure, we plant our seeds,
Watering them with our unspoken needs.
A walk in the park, a ride on the bike,
Or perhaps a hike to the mountain we like.

Saturday night arrives with a playful wink,
As we stand on the weekend’s blissful brink.
A movie, a party, or a quiet night in,
The weekend waltz continues to spin.

Sunday morning greets us with a tender touch,
A reminder that we needn’t rush so much.
A hearty breakfast, a day to unwind,
In the quiet corners of our mind.

In the canvas of relaxation, we paint our joy,
Free from the weekday’s incessant ploy.
A nap in the afternoon, a stroll at dusk,
In the weekend’s magic, we bask.

Sunday evening whispers a soft lullaby,
As the weekend prepares its sweet goodbye.
A peaceful dinner, a starlit dance,
In the weekend waltz, we take our chance.

As Monday dawns with its familiar ring,
We carry the weekend’s song to sing.
In our hearts, the melody lingers on,
A testament to a weekend well-spent and gone.

So here’s to the weekend, our sanctuary dear,
A time for rest, for joy and cheer.
In the rhythm of life, let’s find our beat,
In the weekend waltz, where leisure and life meet.

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