Grief, a weight that’s hard to bear,
A burden that we all must share.
It comes to us in many ways,
And lingers with us all our days.

It’s born of loss, of love that’s gone,
Of dreams that die, of hopes withdrawn.
It haunts us in our darkest hour,
And strips away our inner power.

We cry, we mourn, we feel the pain,
And wonder if we’ll smile again.
But time goes on, and so do we,
And slowly, gently, we are free.

The grief remains, a memory true,
But we find strength to start anew.
We live our lives, we love and grow,
And cherish all that we now know.

So though the pain may never cease,
We find a way to live in peace.
And though the tears may still be shed,
We keep the memories in our head.

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