Conflict, war, hurt, dead, crying, abuse, torture, trafficking, bullying, suicide, abandonment…
Just a few examples of the massive list of words that should be bad.
I say should be, as the world no longer sees these words as actual bad…
I am someone who knows the hurt of living in the situations of conflict and abuse,
it is why even today I fight against all situations of bad.
Fighting while I know it does not have any real effect, as that as what we have today, no effect…

Before I was born, many changes happened, people were heard and the world was moving towards something better.
Yet, since my birth in 2001, things have gone only downhill, which is an fact.
Right at the same time something else happened, the rise of the internet.
It is something many would not like to hear, but the internet has moved the world into an abyss.
An abyss where no one is heard and those at the top of the world being able to make any decision without consequences for themselves.
There are no consequences for them as they use all of us, like puppets, fighting their fights and not noticing that we do so.
It is something we are not allowed to say, the fact that children are the puppets of adults, but still we are.
As previous orphan I know that we are in the eyes of most parents just for their pleasure…
While these forms of “pleasure” take extreme forms quite often, it was all started at the moment we were no longer seen as we are, people..

Yet the unseen part about this is that we have become a world without trial, one of the most important human rights.
Because of the internet we can now just say anything and people will believe it, without it being investigated.
But more importantly, without consequences to ourselves for possibly telling lies instead of the truth…
Consequences are the problem of every single situation happening around the world, there is just no denying…
Still we move on, scream that things should change, but we no longer take the actual important step, acting.
We don’t act in any other way than speaking out, and while previously we did not speak out enough, we now speak out too much.

Yet it does not stop there…
Right now the top 3 issues to the world can be summed up in 3 words;
War, inequality and propaganda.
It is quite disturbing to know that propaganda is one of the main issues of the world…
Yet, with news agencies popping up everywhere, it has become only harder and harder.
Just dare to ask yourself, is what you read even correct?

The thing you should be asking surrounding those issues is if those issues are also the importances of those who could act…
The answer is actually no…
When we look at those who could act, we see these importances:
Climate change, sovereignty and economy.
As you may notice, those 3 words are very different to the actual top 3 issues.
That is what is happening, and yet most are either silent or supportive.
Those 3 words resolve around 1 thing, the power of governments…
As while the last 2 words should be obvious to anyone, the first word is the enemy of every government, nature…
Nature that should be important to us as it helps us to be alive, yet is just 1 thing to governments, money and eventually also sovereignty…

Happenings like the English Brexit are understandable when you think about the fact that it even that is a showing of power…
As let us be honest, the European Union was more noticed than the United Kingdom, the way it should be, however undermining the power of governments…
Yet there was abused 1 thing to make it happen…
Our lack of own thinking…
Just look at the fact that we never hear “power to the people” speeches anymore, yet we have no power anymore.
Instead we have become, like I said, puppets, puppets that can be controlled to think whatever is needed.
It was once an example that people knew of Russia, yet Russia is now one of the examples that is not like that anymore.
Instead most of the world is, the reason behind the Ukrainian conflict, as the Russian government learned that if they can do it to their own people, they can also do it to others.
Which has been a great success, as they can even attack Syria freely, k**l innocent people, and no other country stops them.
And that includes the once so powerful USA, which has become the weakest country of the world by their own choosing.
Their attacks at countries of the Middle East have made them a laugh, and that is even increasing with someone like Donald Trump possibly becoming president.
A president which is very openly supportive to dictatorship, which is not even noticed at his own country….

The 2 most powerful countries of the world to most, Russia and the USA, destroying basically everything they got, giving the possibility of something else.
It is too often forgotten by the world that Oceania and Asia are also still existing, and in fact the 2 locations with the other most powerful countries of the world.
China, Australia, Japan, 3 extremely powerful countries, however to most of the world by now unseen.
What people are however forgetting is that it is quite obvious that Asia and Oceania are keeping out of the business of Europe and the Americas…
Yep, it is, because once we have basically broken down our own borders, our own protection, it is all up for grabs…
That is something people do not understand, the world is about power, and we are all playing into the hands of others every single international act.
While they may be most clear when it comes to Russia and the USA, the unseen have always been the most powerful.
Just take a look at Western Europe to notice.

The Netherlands and Belgium once were one country, a country that was as powerful as countries like France, Spain and Germany.
Now they are basically nothing anymore, caused by the independence of Belgium at 1830, forgotten by their own acts.
Still, when it comes to it, they both have incredible powers worldwide, sometimes overgrowing massive countries like their neighbour Germany.
Yet, this close to never is beneficial for their own countries, and why?
They don’t notice they have these powers and therefore don’t use them at times they could use it, and do use it when they are unaware of it.
Powerful countries without true effects.

And that is what is the actual problem worldwide.
We are the power of the world, all of us, the citizens of the countries of the world.
Like the past, we have the power to protest, to rebel, to fight for own decisions.
Yet we never do so, as we do not have time to make our own decisions, and because of that governments exist.
Still we have the actual time to make our decisions, we only need a paradigm shift, we need to change.
The thing is, we are too focussed on earning, forgetting that if we all would work less, things would also effectively cost less…
We are the ones who control the economy, hence why “benefits” exist for those who are more weak, as it effectively does not make a difference for us, while it makes a change for them, the ability to survive.
The moment things are bad, we could change it for the better, we have that actual power.
Only now the realization should come that we can do this, and stand up and act.
As while we have given away the power to our governments, they make the world worse to stay at their positions.
Now we have massive problems worldwide, don’t you think it is about time we actually use this power for the better?