In the realm of tiny feet that patter,
Toddlers bring a world of joyful chatter.
With eyes wide open, curiosity unfurled,
They navigate this new, enchanting world.

Toddlerhood, a time of boundless glee,
Where each moment’s a discovery, you see.
With chubby cheeks and dimpled grace,
Toddlers light up every place.

Their laughter, like a bubbling brook,
Infectious joy with every look.
Toddlers dance to their own sweet beat,
Their energy boundless, never a seat.

Exploring corners, inquisitive minds,
Everything’s an adventure of various kinds.
From toys to bugs, and pots and pans,
They’re fascinated by life’s wondrous plans.

Their words, a mix of babble and mumble,
But in their gibberish, hearts they humble.
With giggles and hugs, they steal the show,
In the world of toddlers, love continues to grow.

Toddlers, in their toddling grace,
Bring smiles to every tired face.
Their sweetness, a treasure, pure and true,
In their world of wonder, we find renewal.

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