After the problems I had with my previous host, as I wrote close to 2 weeks ago, it was a true relieve when a settlement was achieved this past Friday and I got the authinfo to move my 2 most important domains away from my (now unnamed) previous webhost (and domain registrar).

Afterwards, it took about 12 hours for the domain to be moved towards another registrar, a new server to be setup, and files to be moved from my previous host to my current host, and my translation blog know as "The Calmth" to be online again(Thanks to my wonderful webmaster!). However, although this all went by quite quickly, it was during nighttime of Friday upon Saturday when I already received a private message through Facebook noting me about a serious problem.
What was noticed by an American friend was that 90% of the videos on my translation blog were no longer working, by either showing an error message, or glitching out while playing.
A scan was run upon all video files, and it was shocking what it showed...
Close to all of the videos were corrupted in some way. A total of 182 videos(not just translations).
To not cause frustrations for those who visited the blog, it was decided to pull it down while attempting to find a solution.

And so a long struggle started, experts were called in to help, but after about 10 hours of ineffective attempts, there was only 1 thing to do, which was admitting defeat, and coming to terms that the majority of the blog had to be unpublished. Hence the blog is currently quite empty, basically only the translations that I did in the last few weeks are still online.

Still, that doesn't change it will end just there. Luckily I am the kind of person who back-ups literally everything. Yes, literally, as I have even back-ups of screenshots that I took 3 years ago. Yeah, really...

So, do expect the content to return, but just expect it not to be available in the upcoming days. It will take some time to fix everything to make all 182 videos available again. However, it will happen, just know that.


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