Are you in need of a translation, but does it annoy you that most translators ask for ridiculous amounts of money for their translations?
Well, that is my opinion too, especially as you only truly need a certified translator for official documents!
The basic explanation to me is that we don’t need money for everything, as eventually, sharing the ability of your skills doesn’t have to always benefit you.

Controversy regarding certified translators

At this moment in time there are more and more translators who get their certifications at schools without the true knowledge of the languages they studied.
As an example, I have a friend who is a certified translator to translate English to Russian, and Russian to English, however, when I look at her grammar, it is broken, to the point that it becomes unreadable.
That is something that stands against what a translator should do, as it is the importance to bring across the meaning of what is communicated, and that becomes impossible with a lack of good grammar.

Another major problem we see at certified translators is the usage of machine translators, the exact thing why a human translator is requested by clients is that machine translators do direct translations, or as I say “1-on-1 translations”, which sometimes work, but in the majority of the cases won’t.
As an example of that, I have previously translated a Hebrew song, at one of the part of the lyrics a machine translator said this was the right translation:
“What a body, I see six six”
Confusing, ain’t it?
With a lot of searching you would find out that the word “six” is also known as “the perfect number”, which also refers to the actual word choice.
As my translation actually ended up being: “What a body I see, so perfect”
The thing is, the part that got translated to “six six” actually meant “perfectly”, or in this case “perfect”.
These kind of problems will not be noticed by machine translators, but they will be noticed by human translators, at least, if they take the time to actually translate, instead of letting some software doing the work…

Like I shared before, you only truly need a certified translator for official documents, primarily because those need actual 1-on-1 translations all the time.

What I offer

First of all, it is important to know that I do no translations of written texts, only spoken texts, so, videos, sound files, and such.
This is because I do not see a reason to translate something that could be understood by using a machine translator.
Of course, that does mean that I do transcriptions as well, however, it is important to note that I have troubles transcribing certain English content.
If I am unable to finish a transcription, I will let you know, and if you want, I can send a partial transcription, and if still wanted, also a translation of what I was able to transcribe.

What else could you expect of me?

  • No costs. I personally would redirect any earnings to charities regardless. (Crimean Tatar and Karakalpak are not free of charge!)
  • Subtitle files. Apart of transcribing and translating, I will also sync the translation to the content you supplied.
  • No religious nonsense. I will translate anything regardless of any religious ties, and will ask your preference on words like “God”, “G-d”, “Allah” and related terms.
  • Many possible languages. I currently know more than 40 languages, and am willing to translate to, and from, any of them. [List of possibilities]
  • A focus on bringing across the meaning of content. I have a focus on bring across the overall meaning, not the word-for-word meaning of content.
  • No proverbs. I am Autistic, which in my case causes a lacking understanding of many proverbs, because of this I will not use them myself while translating, meaning an overall cleaner and a more understandable translation.
  • Fast delivery. Most often a transcription and translation together will take up to 4 hours at most, in case of there already being a transcription available, this generally decreases to 2 hours. However, this depends on your content, more spoken content, means more need of transcribing and translating.


  • No discrimination. I am not interested in translating any sort of discriminating content.
  • No nationalism/patriotism. I have previously translated content that was patriotic towards Russia, Ukraine, Albania, and Armenia, which made me feel uncomfortable among my own friends. I have therefore decided to not translate any content that could be seen as patriotic or nationalistic.
  • No 18+ content. I am below the age of majority.. should say enough.

Another important restriction is that I may deny certain personal content, this is because of privacy and cyber safety being extremely important to me.
The exact restrictions to that depend on the overall content, so, I will let you know after a request if I do deny translating based on that reason.

Requesting translation

Translation requests can be done in 3 ways.

  • The first way is by contacting me through Facebook,, the advantage of doing so is chat possibilities and faster response time, however, the disadvantage is the need to be a friend.

  • The second way is by contacting me through VK(ontakte),, which has the same advantages and disadvantages as Facebook.

  • The third, and last, way to request a translation is by contacting me through email, simply send an email to
    (To avoid problems, please do not attach anything, nor add any URL, to your first email, and simply state your needs, so which language to which language and such, this to avoid my spam filter blocking your messages, and me never seeing your request. If I confirm, I will send a message back, after which you could send either the source of your content, or attach the content to a reply.)

Please, do not send me requests through any of my other social media platforms, like Twitter, as it is quite likely that I will need to refer you to any of the previous 3 stated options regardless. As example, at Twitter this is caused by me not actually reading my direct messages most of the time.


Requests are currently closed.
(Last update: 1:00 AM – 4th of August 2017 – Eastern European Summer Time)