© Sony Music Entertainment – Israel, 2013


As two kids who always spent their time and played with toy guns in their hands.
There you stood in front of me. They taught me that you’re my enemy.

And when our eyes have met, we both set sails to death.
With guns of grown up men, I fear it might be my last breath.
Eye to eye, our aim is blinded by the sun.
Seeking higher ground, to a safe haven I now run.

The night had fell on no man’s land, this flute was heard from out there in the dark.
I knew the words and joined in song. This nightly truce a miracle of hope.

We raise our hands and walk upright to move towards each other.
No guns, no death between – the enemies now turned to brothers.
Together on this barren earth I tell him of my son.
No pawns or deadly toys.
The morning comes, and we are done.

We head to base and end the truce that lasted through this war of liars.
A vision of a better life where music drowns the toy gun’s fire.
Next night I see a shadow and we both shoot in the name of God.
As we fell down our eyes have met, our friendship ends now in this turmoil of blood.