Trump and Migration: His acts oppose his words

When it comes to (Donald J.) Trump, there is a lot of ridiculousness.
Like how he called for building a wall that already is there…

Trump and Migration: His acts oppose his words 1

Trump and Migration: His acts oppose his words 2
Photos by James Whitlow Delano. Source: National Geographic

And how he claimed climate change was a hoax…

However, how many have gone as far with fact-checking everything and noticed he speaks against his own family over, and over, and over again?
Well, maybe you have not checked everything as well as I did, but it is actually what he does, actually, by his main point of almost everything we heard about Trump outside of the USA ever since he has been president of the USA, migration.

Yes, you heard me right, he is opposing his own family by the subject of migration.
After all, his own wife is originally Slovenian, his mother was originally Scottish, as were his grandparents on his mother’s side, and his grandparents on his father’s side of the family were originally German. Oh, and let’s also not forget about his ex-wife, Ivana, who was originally from Czechia.
If we were looking for some American who is heavily tied to European countries, we would probably have to name Trump.
And yet, as we know, Trump is very clear about being against migration, to the point that he quite possibly might end up closing the whole of the USA to all of the world.
Which we don’t need to look far to show what the results of doing so is, as North Korea is the basic example of how things look like while a country is closed off completely from the world, while Myanmar is the basic example of the aftermath, both horrible situations, to the extremes.

And it doesn’t stop there.
As how about the real estate he owns in other countries, which are simply found online, as can be seen HERE.
No migration does also mean that he can not migrate to other countries also, meaning his towers are kind of worthless, and apart of that, if he is so much against other countries, and if the USA is the best of everything, (his words, not mine) why does he ever bought them to begin with?
It’s like his claims of having no connection to Russia, while the Agalarovs having shown differently already long ago:
Trump and Migration: His acts oppose his words 3
Sure. some would have named Klyushin and Alferova, but Klyushin is a Trump fan”boy”, while Alferova is quite probably just another beautiful woman to Trump, nothing more.
The Agalarovs actually have a Putin connection, those 2 don’t, at least, not truly… They would have it through others, and for clarity, I can’t deny that I have that connection to Putin just as well, in a bigger way than either of those even, but that doesn’t mean anything…

Trump is not just opposed by words, people, and pretty much anything else on this world, but also by facts and himself.
He is only making 1 thing great again, which is lies, as close to nothing he says is based on facts.
In simplicity, if we talk about fake news, we talk about Trump, and not because he says others are fake news, but simply because he is the biggest source of it himself…

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