Self-doubt creeps in like a thief in the night
Stealing my confidence, leaving me in fright
I question my abilities, my worth, my right
To pursue my dreams, to shine my light

Self-censorship whispers in my ear
Telling me to stay small, to hide my fear
To keep my thoughts to myself, to not be clear
To conform to expectations, to persevere

Self-reflection calls me to take a pause
To examine my thoughts, to uncover flaws
To see myself clearly, without any gauze
To grow and learn, to break old laws

Self-acceptance beckons me to embrace
All that I am, with love and grace
To let go of judgments, to find my place
To honor my path, with steady pace

Trusting myself is the key to my power
To face any challenge, any hour
To live my truth, to climb any tower
To unleash my potential, to fully flower

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