Twitter’s Fake Children and their Destructive Campaigns

, Twitter’s Fake Children and their Destructive Campaigns, SnowCalmth

I tend to stand against a lot of so-called children accounts at Twitter, and that is not without a reason.
Something we see increasingly becoming “popular” are children accounts that are based in some “bad location” and tell a sob story. It most certainly will sound cruel of me that I call it a sob story, but eventually it actually is.

Something people should start to realise is that most of these accounts are run by adults, and they are just marketing schemes…
Like a certain Syrian child account that is trying to get people to bomb other countries…
Yes, a child who actually would think about foreign countries and the need for them to be bombed, while not being safe…
Let me tell you, as I have experienced it myself as well, that the last thing you actually think about at these moments are political things like that, you only try to keep safe and pray for the fighting to stop.

It is perturbing that people actually are crazy enough to do these acts, as even while it is with some sort of goal, there is something important forgotten.
Yes, those who actually care about others should have already thought about it, the child in question.
What is done by these actions are not increasing safety for the child, but instead decreases it greatly, while the child already is unsafe!
The Internet is visited by people of all over the world, so without a doubt someone of those who stand against you will read your messages, and if you are not lying, you have probably just signed the death warrant of your child yourself…
As those who oppose you, they quite obviously would stand against these sort of accounts, and unless you actually lied, which states also enough…, you are now the reason yourself why your child is unsafe.

What truly bothers me is however the practice of these “Child Campaign” accounts in general.
The thing that is done is not show any reality, as what I have just wrote should already state, which is problematic for those who have actually experienced these situations.
Like myself, a lot of those who have rebuild themselves after these sort of situations, don’t go around telling sob stories, as most will actually learned something far more important;
The need of empowering others to overcome, and the fact that those who could stop these situations never would…

In the end a lot of negativity is shared, which will hurt people’s feelings in multiple ways, but won’t have any effect in the long run…
As if it would have actual effect to share hurt, don’t you think that all the fighting would have already stopped before all of us were born..?

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