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It has been three years since the Ukrainian conflict officially began, commonly known as the Ukrainian conflict or, more fervently, “The war between Ukraine and Russia.” This conflict originated from the EuroMaidan movement.

Rather than delving into the exhaustive details, it is advisable to refer to EuroMaidan Press for accurate information about EuroMaidan. In this blog post, however, we will focus on the political aspects, particularly the region of Donbas, where the war currently rages on. Donbas holds personal significance for me as it was the place I called home for most of my life, now destroyed due to what some refer to as the actions of separatists.

But who are these so-called separatists? Essentially, separatists are rebels who take a step further beyond simply opposing their government. They strive for separation, as the term suggests. The situation in Donbas is more closely linked to the conflicts in Syria and Palestine-Israel than many realize. These three regions share a common problem. Both rebels and separatists are individuals from the country they oppose, meaning that any form of foreign influence does not play a role in their movement.

In the case of Ukraine, this implies that all individuals registered as Ukrainians in eastern Ukraine can be labeled separatists. However, those who are not registered Ukrainians, even if they possess an (invalid) passport from the region, cannot be considered Ukrainian. Essentially, this means that anyone who claims to be a separatist or part of the separatist movement in Ukraine but is not Ukrainian is something entirely different.

So, who are they, then? Well, in reality, they are what they have accused Ukrainians of being. They are the only ones involved in the Ukrainian conflict who can be officially labeled as warmongers. The simple truth is that separatism pertains to a conflict between a country and its separatists. Thus, anyone supporting the separatists without belonging to the same country can be considered warmongers, as they are the ones attempting to instigate an actual war.

What about individuals from foreign countries who support the country opposed by the separatists? Surprisingly, they are not warmongers. Although it may sound unsettling to some, they are officially recognized as individuals standing against any form of war by striving to maintain the country’s unity.

The undeniable fact underlying the current Ukrainian conflict is that it is no longer a mere conflict, nor is it solely about separatism. It has long transformed into a full-fledged war. Multiple instances have proven Russian involvement in the regions of Donetsk and Luhansk, even acknowledged by Russian sources themselves. Consequently, Russia’s stance against Ukraine can be regarded as an act of war. They are actively promoting warfare, and when combined with other foreign influences, it is only a matter of time before a high-ranking authority musters the courage to declare it as an official war.

The truth behind the Minsk Agreements is that it is impossible to prevent a war that is already underway. It is merely a waiting game for political leaders to acknowledge this reality. Despite their attempts to overlook it, facts will always remain facts.

Old version (Ukraine: It Is Not Separatism, It Is Warmongering!)

It has been 3 years since it all officially started…
What Today is known as the Ukrainian conflict, or by some more righteously called “The war between Ukraine and Russia”, all had the start at EuroMaidan.

I could go over all the facts, but instead, I will not.
For the facts of EuroMaidan I advice checking EuroMaidan Press.

Instead I will be focusing were I am more strong at, the political side.
The part where it spread to, where currently the war is fought at, the region of Donbas,
is the location I lived most of my life, destroyed because of what some call the separatists….

Some call separatists?
Yes, indeed!
That is the subject of this blog post.

Separatists are basically rebels that just went 1 step further, they don’t just stand against their government, they want to separate, like the word already tells.
The Situation is because of this more related to both the situations of Syria and Palestine-Israel than people are aware of, as all these 3 locations have the same problem.
Both Rebels and Separatists have 1 fact behind them, they are of the country they oppose, meaning that ALL foreign influence, in whatever form, is not part of the rebel or separatist movement!

When it comes to Ukraine, it means that all at Eastern Ukraine that are registered Ukrainians, are able to call them separatists, but those who are not, even if they may have a(n invalid) passport of this region, they are not Ukrainian.
In basics that means 1 thing, all those who call themselves separatists or part of the separatist movement at all of the fights at Ukraine without being Ukrainian, are not separatists, they are something else…

So, what are they actually?
Well, actually they are what they have accused Ukrainians to be, they are the only 1 at the subject of the Ukrainian conflict that are, even officially, Warmongers.
The simple fact is that separatism is between a country and the separatists, and anyone supporting the separatists without being of the same country, are warmongers, as they are the one trying to start an actual war.

But how about the ones of foreign countries that support the country the separatists are opposing?
Well, they are not warmongers, as disturbing as it might sound to some, but they are officially recognized to be the ones standing against any form of war by trying to keep a country as 1.

The simple fact behind the current Ukrainian conflict is that it is no conflict anymore, and neither is it about separatism anymore, it has been a war for a long time already.
It has been proven many times that Russians are active at the regions of Donetsk and Luhansk, even by Russian sources themselves, meaning that Russia’s stance against Ukraine could be counted as an act of war already.
They are actively warmongering, and with all of the other foreign influences, it is just waiting for someone high up to dare and say that it is actually a war.

The fact behind the Minsk Agreement(s) is that you can’t prevent a war that is already ongoing…
It is only a wait for political leaders to recognize this fact, as even though they still try to ignore it,
Facts always will be facts…

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