Below are all supports and partnerships of my blog and I.


I am located in Ukraine, so obviously I have my supports and partners here.
The following supports and partnerships are ongoing:

In Ukraine

Hope Worldwide Ukraine

The in Kyiv located Hope Worldwide Ukraine is the first and main support of this blog for a quite simple reason, they helped me.
Their “Helping Hand for Ukraine” project, made possible by especially a lot of Canadian support, is basically the primary reason why I am who I am today after my experiences.
Hence I am just glad to support them helping even more people. They’re an amazing organization.

Ukrainian Philanthropic Network

This is one of those special organizations that I truly love. The Ukrainian Philanthropic Network specifically supports orphans with disabilities. They do good beyond measures, and there’s basically no way to not support them as Ukrainian.

United World Cultures Foundation

While hearing about Ukraine, most people will just think of the supposed “Ukrainian”. However, Ukraine is very diverse in her cultures, and a true singular form of the Ukrainian is hard to be named. Kind of the reason also why Ukraine is currently split into pieces, while also facing an enemy within our borders. This is also why United World Cultures Foundation is among my supports. Apart of their first supports being the exact same as my own, which are orphaned and parent-deprived children, disabled children, gifted children, internally displaced families, and children living in conflict-affected areas in the Eastern Ukraine. They also support the causes of science, education, health(& medicine), sport, arts, and culture. They are parts of Ukraine that are often overlooked or forgotten, which, thankfully, are brought back to attention.

Advocacy Center “Life”

The first importance of a good life, is good health. Obviously, Advocacy Center “Life” is among my supports, as their mission is for Ukraine to be healthier.

New Life

While a lot of potential parents would love to bring up a child which is their own, for quite some potential parents this is just a dream. A dream which they can’t make a reality, among the reasons being infertility. New Life, founded by Georgian Dr. Mariam Kukunashvili, is one of the solutions able to help, and this blog is happy to be among the ones who spread awareness that the dreams don’t have to stay just dreams, but often still can become a reality.

Police Dnipro(petrovsk) Oblast

Supporting the police is not regular everywhere, primarily caused by a lot of police brutality happening worldwide. However, since moving to Dnipro, I haven’t been able to complain about our police in even the slightest of ways. And since 2018, I am glad to support them both online and in my regular life, as well as receive support of them in my own activities in support of children without parental care and street children.

Outside of Ukraine

Not all organizations supporting causes in Ukraine are actually located in Ukraine. Below are all supports and partnerships that are having activities specifically in Ukraine, but are officially not located in Ukraine.

Will be published soon!


Whilst I am Ukrainian and it is often seen as controversial to support anything Russian in these days, my blog and I do support causes in Russia.
As the way I see things, is that disadvantaged children shouldn’t be disadvantaged even further by politics.
Children are never the cause of wrongful politics, and never deserve to be hurt by the wrongful acts of politicians.
Those who do neglect children (or worse) are as bad as the acts they condemn politicians for.

In Russia

Here and Now

The in Moscow-based charitable foundation “Here and Now” is the main support in Russia of this blog and I.

Outside of Russia