A few days of silence due to health problems. I haven’t fully recovered, but do want to publish some new poems here to break the silence. My apologies if my responses remain slow. Hopefully I’ll be fully able to do everything again soon.


In the sands of time, secrets lie deep,
Guarded by the centuries in a timeless sleep.
An archaeologist, with a curious mind,
Seeks these mysteries, for mankind.

Armed with a trowel, a brush, and a keen sight,
She delves into the past, with all her might.
Every artifact, every fossil, every site,
A puzzle piece in history’s infinite flight.

She digs through layers of earth and time,
Each stratum a chapter in the planet’s prime.
From ancient civilizations in their prime,
To forgotten cultures, she does climb.

Each discovery, a window to the past,
A link to ancestors, a connection vast.
In her hands, history is recast,
A narrative that continues to last.

Through ruins and relics, she traces,
The evolution of human races.
In each artifact, she embraces,
A story that time never erases.

So here’s to the archaeologist in her quest,
Unearthing history from its rest.
In her work, she is blessed,
To explore the past in its best.

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