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Cullings—a topic often associated with anything but humans. However, the truth remains that this phenomenon has occurred throughout history, impacting countless lives. While many remain oblivious, our world has been marked by segregation and cullings repeatedly. Examples such as the mass extermination of Jews during World War II and the Srebrenica massacre of Bosniaks serve as painful reminders of this tragic reality.

Personally, my story of adoption brings a unique perspective. It’s not just about finding a family; it’s about finding belonging and protectors. Ukraine, the country of my birth, has never truly been my own. In the event of a culling, I would have been deemed an outsider—an easy target for a government that never recognized me as a full-fledged citizen. The term “refugee” further exemplifies this alienation, as it reduces individuals to mere labels, overlooking their shared humanity.

The realization that we, as a society, bear responsibility for both the victimhood and perpetration of genocides is a harsh truth we must confront. By adopting representative democracy or what we commonly refer to as “democracy,” we unwittingly relinquished control of our countries to governments and parliaments, effectively embracing a worldwide dictatorship system. Although we can make minor changes, disbanding or replacing an entire government is often an insurmountable challenge. We handed over the keys to our nations, only to find ourselves locked out of our own decisions.

Living in Donetsk during the Ukrainian conflict, I learned a profound lesson—one that most may never encounter in a lifetime. I discovered that I had no true friends, only enemies. The Ukrainian government and army, entities that should have offered protection, revealed themselves as adversaries by allowing the conflict to escalate to such devastating levels. As a result, Crimea has effectively become part of Russia, and Donbas is on the brink of a similar fate. And for what? The illusion of Ukraine becoming more European? It is disheartening to witness the widespread belief in this fallacy, considering that approximately 25 to 50% of Russia lies within Europe’s borders. Russia, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and even parts of Kazakhstan—often overlooked as European—are indeed integral to Eurasia.

The classification of regions like Eurasia is understandable, considering that continents do not neatly align with categories such as North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Oceania. In reality, there are three primary land masses amidst vast bodies of water: Americas/America, Afro-Eurasia, and Oceania. With this perspective, it becomes clear that Ukraine and Russia are already part of Europe. The European Union seeks to unite these pieces of the Earth, so what is the real problem?

The European Union, once hailed as the best means of uniting Europe and countering superpowers like Russia and the USA, now faces challenges stemming from its political influence. Laws imposed by the European Union upon member states sometimes undermine national autonomy, raising valid concerns. However, when it comes to Eastern Ukraine, these concerns seem insignificant. Russia has little incentive to annex Donbas, as the region lacks the resources and capabilities to sustain independence. Yet, Ukraine’s actions have ignited a full-blown war, with Russia now preparing forces, likely targeting Ukraine. The roles have blurred, and both nations can be seen as aggressors. Ukraine’s missteps have played into Russia’s hands, allowing them to manipulate the situation to their advantage.

How have we, as humanity, reached this point? We find ourselves embroiled in conflicts over nationality and judgments based on mere residency. Our worth is determined not only by visible differences but also by social status. We suffer harm simply because we do not conform to an idealized notion of a “normal” life. Our differences overshadow the essence of who we truly are.

However, we must acknowledge that these differences do matter. As much as I may have wished for a different past, being abandoned and growing up as an orphan imparted resilience, independence, and a strong sense of self. These differences have made a positive impact on my life. Likewise, achievements in education or other personal accomplishments should not be dismissed. I excel academically, care deeply for others, and abhor causing harm. The notion that differences are inherently negative is simply sarcastic.

Perhaps it is time for humanity to broaden our perspective beyond ourselves and others—to embrace a global awareness. The true consequences of our actions unfold beyond immediate sight, and we are all complicit in shaping our world. It is only by recognizing this interconnectedness that we can begin to address the pressing issues facing our society.

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Cullings, something most people only think about when thinking of anything else then humans, yet, it has happened to us many times.
Yet while too many do not notice, we segregate, we cull, time and time again, as we have done throughout our history.
These cullings have lead up to the mass culling and extermination of Jews during the second world war, bosniaks at the Srebrenica massacre and too many other examples.

I always have segregated myself of others, made it pretty clear that I am different, and in the case of these cullings to hit just 1 country, my country, I would be a target…
It is like we already do by just the word refugee, like the words Syrian refugees, while they are people, just people, just like you.
And while we are not aware, one day there will be someone who will take advantage of this…
Like all genocides in history have shown, we are not just the victims, we are the causers and the executors…

My luck at being adopted is not just that I have now a family, I have a belonging and protectors.
Ukraine has never actually been my country, in case of any sort of culling, I would have been the victim.
Born to a Polish mother, Russian father, I have never been a child of Ukraine…
I would be nothing to the Ukrainian government, and what people do not know, I know it is not just “would”, it is that I “was” nothing to the Ukrainian government…

My Ukrainian friends often ask me how I can be supportive to the Ukrainian independence, recognizing Crimea AND Donbas being a part of Ukraine, but still live happily at Russia.
That is because I know I am Ukrainian, as that is the country I was born at, but can not hate another country when my birth country Ukraine has never seen me as a full Ukrainian.
The Ukrainian governmental system rightly being called by just the word Ukraine…
As that is the thing many still have not yet realized, the fact that governments and pairlements have complete power over countries,
which also means we actually live in a dictatorship system… WORLDWIDE!
Representative democracy, psephocracy or as we all just say, democracy, has taken away our actual rights as citizens, even if we can make some minor changes.
As that is what we have at most, minor changes, as we can in most cases not disband the current government, let alone remove the whole government system.
We once have given the keys away of our countries, and we are in fact not able to come inside our own countries, our own decisions…

During me living at Donetsk during the Ukrainian conflict, I learned something, something many will not learn in a lifetime.
I learned that I had no friends, only enemies.
The Ukrainian government and the Ukrainian army were not my friends, which they have actually shown by letting it escalate this much,
that about 2 years later Crimea has basically become Russia and Donbas is close to doing the same…
And yet what for? The so-called fact of Ukraine becoming more European?
It is kind of sickening people actually believe any of it, as we might want to remember that about 25 to 50% of Russia is Europe…
Yes, Russia is Europe, just like Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and even a part of Kazakhstan…
All of them often forgotten to be Europe, with them being called Eurasia.

Yet, names like Eurasia are understandable…
Yes, they are, as basically, the continents are not actually Northern America, Southern America, Europe, Asia, Africa, The Midle East and Oceania.
It are Americas/America, Afro-Eurasia and Oceania.(Antartica being unknown if it is rightly called an continent)
3 continents, as it basically are 3 pieces of Earth within a very large amount of water…

So to me it is simple, Ukraine already is Europe, Russia already is Europe, the European Union is a way of bringing it together, what is the real problem?
Well, there actually points that I could give both sides a bit of recognition.
The European Union WAS the best way for Europe to unite as 1, stand against other super powers like Russia and the USA.
However, the European Union however at the same still has the problems regarding their political influence, causing currently laws at the EU-countries that some are kind of silly to not made at their own country, but instead by something as big as the European Union.

Yet, what does it actually even matter when it comes to Eastern Ukraine?
That is something I have not understood from day 1 myself.
Russia basically would never take just Donbas, there are literally no advantages for Russia to do so when you compare it to the downsides.
Independent Donbas is not a region that could keep up alone, which has already been shown since the start of the Ukrainian conflict.
In basics, the remainder of Ukraine should have not that much care when I am really honest, as eventually they will have to crawl back.
Yet, Ukraine did, and now Ukraine is close to a full-blown war with Russia, with Russia actually readying forces with probably Ukraine as their target.
The causer being no longer actually rightly to be called Russia, they have made no great mistake by placing the corrupt Yanukovych, as now Ukraine can be seen as aggressor just as well…
Eventually, Ukraine has not played their cards well, while Russia has had to do 1 thing, play their tricks and wait afterwards…

Still, what have we actually even become as humanity?
We have become fighting over words like nationality, where just living at another country can make you a bad persn.
Words that do not end at what we can actually see, but also by status.
That we can get hurt for just the fact that we do not equal that pretty image of having some kind of normal life.
Differences being more important than who we actually truly are…

Yet do these so-called differences make any difference?
Well, they do, that I can not actually deny.
Yep, the fact I was abandoned and grew up mostly being orphaned has given me the strength to fight my own battles, make my own decisions, know what I want.
That is a difference that made a difference.
As for education and all those other examples you could name?
I reach perfect scores at school, top graded of my classes, care for others more than most others and would never hurt anyone.
*Sarcasm* Yep, differences are obviously really bad. *Sarcasm*

Maybe it is time for humanity to realize that we should not only look at others, not only at ourselves, but all around us.
As eventually that is always unseen, what happens after what we have done and that we are all the cause of it happening…