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Update regarding my translations

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In late February, I switched hosts from the Ukrainian Mirohost of Imena.UA towards a dedicated server by the Dutch KPN.
The reason for this was quite simple, I lacked the space to republish my translations on my previous host, and KPN was willing to sponsor me in terms of hosting and certain other needs.
Yet, this also led me to another problem, the fact that the previous translation list I was creating became unclear when I tried to add the other languages I made translations towards.
After all, I did not translate to just the English language, but I also translated towards Russian, Ukrainian, German, Spanish, Mongolian, Turkish, Uzbek, Tatar, Romanian, and a quite long list afterwards, but just the English versions were available on the previous list.
Meaning I had to build a page around the possibility of multiple languages, while also not making it seem like a mess.
And trust me, that was not an easy task, as when it comes to being tidy I already have problems, but when it is also with the addition of HTML codes…
..Let’s just say that I am glad I never have focused myself on doing a task that requires a lot of precise cleaning, or something technological like coding, when I am older, as it wouldn’t work.
The new list has taken me hours to put together, and was expected to be done and published by the 19th of March.

I say expected as it didn’t happen.
Early in the morning(based on GMT+2) of the 19th of March my blog went down…
And in the evening of the same day, it was noticed by my web host who reached out and explained it had something to do with the overheating of some component, which was already resolved by then and the server would be online again soon.
Yet, apart of just that, I also got noted something else, which was that they did need to do some further repairs, which will happen upcoming Wednesday and Thursday and will last about 24 to 48 hours.
(Don’t ask why it takes that long, I don’t know and have no interest in knowing, in all honesty.)
That upcoming downtime means that I could publish the list now, but it would only be available for 48 hours, and then I would possibly annoy some people because my blog will be offline.
Henceforth I have instead chosen for a simpler solution..

The complete list of all my translations, with the translations in every language included, will be published in the afternoon of upcoming Friday, and I will make a Tweet about it on my Twitter profile in case you want an announcement of it.
A preview of how it will look like, with 3 translations already included, is available at:

(Yes, the writing of this post may feel off. I am writing this at nighttime and am very sleepy. Apart of that, I suffer from non-fluent aphasia and always check my posts for missing words, and generally also ask my sister to do so. For this post (as well as the post a few days ago) she hasn’t checked up on the writing yet, and I only quite swiftly checked myself.)



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