How someone is, that most often will not be shown to the outside world, instead it shows only to the person him or herself…
That counts for me like most other people.

Adoptive parents will know, or at least should know, that almost every child who has been adopted will take a huge time to open up…
Or actually better said, to tell the full truth about everything that has happened to him or her.
I am no exception of one of those who has not told the full truth.
To you as probably only an acquaintance at the internet that would be me hiding my true name.
Quite obvious is that I do this, as this is also the number 1 safety tip of being on the internet, making sure you are safe.
However, to my adoptive parents, it is not how it should be, and yet I do not even fully trust them.

After being adopted numerous times I lost the ability to trust others.
Yet, the thing is, the world fully resolved around trust nowadays.
Just look at how we trust a few people we call the government and parliament…
They are just a few people that are chosen, and we put trust in them running whole countries.
Random people, who could be crazy, we trust them, yet, the ones who are close to us, we do not trust at all…

Trust is, however, the same reason why the whole world is messed up right now.
Just be honest about it, if you are Christian or Jewish, do you trust Muslims?
Or if you are a Muslim, do you trust Christians and/or Jewish people?
The thing is, that I say this will get me called someone who discriminates, but the thing is, there are few people who honestly can answer that with a yes…
This is also the exact reason that terrorism can exist and grow, as we do not trust each other.
The expression of the distrust is often called offensive, but the first expression is that we do not trust the other…

We show that we distrust others time and time again, without noticing the effects it has.
Me distrusting my adoptive parents, that could end up in another failed adoption, and yet again send back to the horrid situations at orphanages.
All of us putting our trust in governments and parliaments could end up massacres, genocides, wars and other atrocities that should not happen.
Distrusting others for just their religion, that has shown to always end up in hatred and the k*****g of innocents.
We all should be able to see these effects, and yet, almost every single one of us, choose to distrust others just the same.
It is not others who are most often the problem behind situations, it is ourselves who cause the problems in most circumstances.
The outside has become more important than the inside. Looks became more important than feelings….

Yet, that is not the only problem.
While we all should look more at our own acts, we actually often do partially take this responsibility already.
However, companies and governmental organisations, including just governments themselves, they do not do this.

In the time you are already busy reading this, at least 1 person somewhere at the world will probably have died.
Deaths that could have been prevented easily, and are in most cases actually caused by the acts of companies and organisations.
War, conflict, poverty, and a huge list of other happenings that k**l people, they are all made by humankind.
The first 3 all revolve around money, which is actually also the power of both companies and organisations.
Some people say money can not buy happiness, but the opposite is true.
Someone living in poverty could buy food with money, and for someone that lives in poverty, just simple food is already happiness.

Yet, indeed, money is not happiness, if you are someone of the higher end of society, which probably means you have some good job at a company or organisation.
As that maybe is the thing they do not notice, those higher up in society have no happiness, no real happiness that is.
For me, when I give away my allowance to charity, these people are the ones who will be shocked, as what did I cause by this, sadness for myself?
The answer to that is no. No, as I did something for myself in a way, as I caused someone else to have a better life, which makes me happy.
And that is probably the exact reason why there are so many wars and conflicts, as those higher up at society lack the understanding of happiness.
As true happiness is there when everyone has it good, and not just yourself, and those who want conflicts and wars, they only care for themselves.

It is also why I am so against everything related to the army.
I hate soldiers, I hate those ugly uniforms and I just hate patriotism.
What soldiers do is rob others of their lives, not necessarily k*****g them, but destroying the property of others, that is also robbing others of their lives.
The things I have lost by the Ukrainian conflict, they are unreplaceable.
What many are unable to understand is that the opinions obviously have been 2 sided at Ukraine ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union.
This conflict has however caused a true split at Ukraine, but actually not even just Ukraine, also at Russia.
That is just the thing people overlook, we are not the same, and just because you live anywhere, does not mean you have a similar opinion.
It is why patriotism is just nationalism, as you are not cheering for your fellow country members, but instead for your governments…
Cheering for your governments, just like soldiers are fighting for their governments, not for their countries…

The truth behind everything is that everything will lead back to 2 things, companies and governments.
We have given them our full trust, they can do everything they want without ever needing a true explanation.
But eventually, they are as broken as any of us.
They miss the understanding of many things, and because of this, only problems arise.
However, as we keep trusting them, they can move on doing so…
Eventually, this all will lead in the destruction of humankind, and possibly, all live at this world…
And yet, chances of this changing are low, as we are afraid of change.

But what is the actual solution?
It is actually something that we distrust quite often now, ourselves.
Chances of never having heard of the words “power to the people” are low.
That is what the world has needed from the start, power to the people.
With the power of ALL people around the world, we could build the most beautiful society ever.
That would include an actual society that would be able to live with peace all over the world.
Our differences create the ability to oversee everything good and wrong, every single fault, every single good part.
That is why probably we are all different, wherever you may believe it comes from, it gives us the ability to be effective.
Effective as what we are all together, humankind, the one species at this world that is fully unable to see their own powers at this moment.
The horrors at this world exist because we continue to feed the fights between ourselves.
And companies and organisations are the winners, not all of humankind, while it could have been this way all from the start.
Yet, that does not mean that it is bad to nature and all other creatures of the world either, as the problems there started because of 1 thing, progress.
Progress that has never been actual progress, as it was towards the end of this world, not to an continious future at this world.
Together it would be possible, and yet, that means 1 thing:

We need to work together for a better future!