Every young person should be aware “We are the future” is invalid, the brexit vote of the United Kingdom has been the clearest indicator in recent times.
It is why I added the word “power”, as that is non-deniable, as we are the only ones who still can change the future.

The simple fact is that our opinions will not align worldwide, that probably will never change, still, the future should bring something new.
Looking at the current situations around the world, we do not do a lot of good…
We are destroying the climate, the landscape, the other creatures of the world, the nature, the human race(ourselves) and the future.

However the weird part is when you look at the reasons.
We always try to use one of the easy words to explain our reasons, like for example the word “War” or “Terrorists” or “Lifestyle”.
It all have become fancy words for one and the same thing, the exact reason, which is “our own acts”.

Take a look for example at the social media platforms, that should not take more than a minute.
Basically Marketers are hardly annoying when you notice how many accounts there are that analyze events of for example wars.
Still, no one dares to ask what these accounts will actually spread unconsciously.
The answer obviously is “hate”, and only because we want to know the truth.
Yet, at some moments there is no way of knowing the exact truth.
One of these examples is the events at Donetsk, as much as I hate saying this myself.

I lived quite some time at Donetsk, and while my tellings of the events overlap with the stories of most others, some things will not.
That is a part of our human brain, emotions affect our memories, and can change them in ever way possible.
Yet, that is why you should not analyze to the detail, and instead just think of the important parts.
For example this would be at Donetsk to make certain the people are safe, and are able to fully survive.
However, what we have seen until now is that it is basically the last care to people, shown by both sides even.
Life has become less important then some kind of twisted truth, as eventually, it is not the real truth…

Often we fight among ourselves for unjust reasons.
If I would make the mistake of calling someone the wrong age, that is already a huge mistake.
I am part of a world where the only care is truth, and where humanity is the last importance of all.
It is quite sad, as there are many who are screaming they want a better world, yet, they often stand against it at the same time.

We have heroes of Humanity, and they are are the only heroes to me.
They put their lives on the line for our future, and in return we are destroying everything.
Around the whole world we only see fighting, only very few places still are in peace.
And without a doubt, the bigger countries have a bigger responsibility to this.
But Russia, France, Germany, Canada, China, South Korean, Japan and the USA are hardly the only ones who we should think of.
Still they are the ones who most will think about.
We dare not see our own parts at the problem.

Personally I could not care much if someone is liked by another, the only importance is if I like the person myself.
It is why I can not be unkind to those of any other religion, as did the religion do bad to me?
Sure, I do have my problems with people of certain religions, and even with parts of the current religions.
But that does not mean I could not be respectful and kind to the others of those religions.

I am Jewish, this is because my biological mom is Jewish and it is shared by the maternal line.
The answer to the question if I had problems with Muslims is Yes, but that is just the same for Christians.
Problems behind interaction of the people of different religions is the act of the people themselves.
Family of the girl who I love is Islamic, they have different ways of doing things, I fully respect this.
At their religion the word “girlfriend” and “boyfriend” is non-existent, and even forbidden.
To some this may be weird, this is however beautiful to me, and fully understand, especially in current society.
But is it any problem that our ways are different if we truly love each other?
Religion actually says no, so who remains as the problem?
(More I will not say or explain because of both respect and because some things deserve to be private.)

It could be described in hundreds, possibly even thousands, of ways, we choose to do bad, it is not chosen for us.
The capibility to analyze everything has become more easy with the internet, but has also increased the chances of faking.
At moments it is however the question if you will find the truth as truth is, or the truth you want to see/find.
Even science is not perfect, so it is very doubtful any form of analyzing will be without an error as well.

Our hunger for information and power is nowadays more important then kindness and respect.
Too many are searching for answers at questions that should never be answered, and overlook the questions that should be answered.
We have seen enough what the impact can be of looking only at the information supplied and not looking past that, by the brexit aftermath.
It however could rerun in an endless cycle if people will continue to do this and therefore show their children their ways.
As I know of myself that I have learned and possibly even copied many acts of my adoptive parents.
Still, I have the advantage of a multi-cultural, multi-religious and multi-national adoptive family.
That is where I am able to take my step to the future myself, but, that is not the case for everyone.

If we, the children and youth/young persons, are the future, then adults should start showing it and moving forward to it themselves.
Eventually it is not that we can change the world in 1 day, as Rome was not built in 1 day either.
Every adult has their part in this, not just parents, but every single adult around the whole wide world.
It is your choice if you want to work towards a future that is worthwhile for everyone to come, or if we want to stay in this endless world of problematics…
In the end, it are “our own acts”…