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Politics, politics, politics.
Are you not getting bored by them?
Please, don’t get me wrong, politics are important in life, but the fact that close to 100% of the world has no clue annoys me.

Politics, the job of running an area, like a country, or at least, that is what politics should have been about. Instead, we have created many useless words, like liberals, conservatives, anarchists, and a huge long list after. But really, why do we need all those words?
I just don’t get when it has happened that the running of an area has become a spectacle, as that is what politics is these days, the same way as celebrities act, like they are oh-so-important, even while in reality they are just the same as any of us.

In politics, I am a syncretist, as I don’t see any of the current ways ever working.
For example, I don’t see the reason to invest in military, I would, in fact, choose to take away most of the money that is currently invested into armed forces if I would be the one making the decisions, and put all the money that is needed into the police, as simply put, you need armed forces to defend a country, you shouldn’t need them to attack others, so there’s no need for vast amounts of money put into it, as when we look at the facts, most of the funds factually goes into attacking others in most countries, while at the same time everyone would agree that we need security on our streets, which is the job of the police, where I would see a need to improve the income of, as it’s no wonder we see police brutality in so many countries, as factually, at a lot of countries police are underpaid…
I stand for things to be the way they work, not the way they just sound right to our ears, or because some group of people is supposed to think some way…

I am someone who believes that politics is possible in both the way of those of the left side of the spectrum, but just as well as what the right side wants.
As let’s be honest, if you would have to name only one importance, what would that be?
Think about it for a moment, and also reflect on facts while doing so, as for example, is fighting ISIS really important for a country like the USA, where veterans are becoming homeless in masses after they have done their job for “our country”, that instead becomes “your country” to them, as that country they fought for, is not truly theirs anymore… And no, let’s get it straight, that is not because of anyone else than the American government and the stupidity of investing the money of the country in the wrong things.
Even more important, this doesn’t only count for the USA, but for every country, the USA has just become an easy example with their masses of mistakes, just like we could have taken Russia as an example when it comes to human rights, but that would be me making things too obvious.

When we look at our top importance, our ways are not that different, as we all want to live happy, safe, and free, right?
Which is factually possible, and even really easy to make possible, it just requires for politics to become what it should have been, just another job.
As the fact is, if we chose people for their abilities at politics, instead of their political colour and group, the majority of the problems would disappear like snow under the sun.
Our problem is that we have given too much might and power to governments, and have left ourselves with too little of our own, as like at the UK, you could make an excellent proposal and get thousands of signatures, and still the government could just sweep it away as it has never been proposed at all…

We see ourselves as having moved forward from the past, but the opposite is true.
There were many revolutions in the past as we chose to stand up for ourselves, for our beliefs, for whom we are, and for our united existence.
Now it is people who just yell and act like they are all high and mighty, even though the only ones who are high and mighty, in this case the literal meaning, are the governments.
We gave away our power and gave it to some random people we most often only know by name and face, while this is about all of our lives, and that power shouldn’t lay with people with great words, it should be with the ones who have great acts…