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We were born to learn, but remain ignorant

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Ever heard of that saying that we were not born with ignorance, but we were taught to be ignorant?
That saying kind of shows ignorance in its own, as it misses the point completely.
The reality is that we were not born with the understanding of everything, meaning that we were actually born ignorant.

Just think a moment about the following:
if you have not experienced war, conflict, abuse, discrimination, (mental) health differences, and a long list afterwards, do you really understand how it is to experience it?
The answer is quite obviously “no”, as we only can fully understand if we have experienced it.
As said, caused by us not being born with an understanding of everything.

The effects of not understanding will follow later, and one of the prime examples of what happens is people being ignorant.
Ignorance that doesn’t come from being taught to think some way or anything alike, it comes from lacking that first part, the understanding.
It’s eventually what the word “ignorance” means… having not enough knowledge, understanding or information about something.

Still, the understanding of such simplicity is already lacking around the whole world.
Just look at how groups of people are hated for the most nonsensical reasons…
Like people of the Islamic belief, as apparently many people believe the Koran teaches Muslims something crazy, even though the teachings of the Koran are not that far off from the Christian Bible and the Hebrew Bible(Tanakh).
Or non-Israeli Jews, like myself, who get classified as bad people just for our religion, based on the undeniable horrible acts of the Israeli government and the IDF, something we actually have nothing to do with, nor can truly do anything against…
Or non-Orthodox Israeli Jews, which actually is exactly the same as the above one, but in that case not based on location they can’t do anything, but that in Israel there are rights issues even between the different groups of Jews.
Or how about the persecuted Christians? Often thought that they are only persecuted in the areas of Asia and Africa, but just as well happens in the Americas… And what for? Once again, a twisted idea that everyone should think and be 1 way…

And the reality is that I could go on for a long time with naming groups of people, until at some moment everyone actually already falls in one of the groups, no exclusions…
As that’s the end result of ignorance, hatred, hatred, and even more hatred.
But in reality, is it not actually understandable that there is so much ignorance?

When we are young we have to go to school, in most countries it is actually even mandatory.
School, the location to be educated; to learn and experience.
Education, a truly beautiful word, even when you say it, I love it.
And yet, that is not what happens at the majority of our world’s schools.
We don’t go to a location of education, we instead go to a place of schooling.
As while time has moved forward, the school programs have not, and what we are taught is most often not applicable to today’s world.

Take for example a subject like math, the most hated subject of school, mostly because it is made of several sub-subjects that are incredibly hard.
The reality about math is that most won’t use 99% of the information the rest of their life regardless…
And even more to the point of that one, even the adults who are teaching it these days will be grabbing to the calculator, even during classes… (Based on personal experience)
Or P.E., which is the second most hated subject in school, and also among the reasons why people are moving less and less.
As the reality behind P.E. is that it generally involves things only an incredibly few will continue to do in the rest of their lives, like football, tennis, badminton and basketball.
At the same time it crushes the confidence of many children, as most classes will have 1 to 5 children who will have great physical abilities, while the rest of the class will not be able to compare.

And the problem behind school is not that hard to name.
School is actually there because we have focused on a society that is always working, causing a need for children to have a safe place to be, as the world is factually an unsafe place.
Even though the world has become more and more unsafe as adults have become more and more about working..
The fact that my grandfather would be able to play outside while he was 7 years old without parental supervision, and now children of 7 years old need continuous supervision shows enough, as it’s not like that much has changed in the last ~100 years.
While the world outside school is the true place of education!
All of the information that schools wish to teach us were once discovered in the outside world, not between 4 walls.

Which leads us back to what I asked, if it is not understandable that there is so much ignorance.
And the obvious answer is that it is completely understandable that there is so much ignorance.
As schools are nowadays the only places of education, at which we get taught in 1 way that is accepted.
We learn to think and believe in 1 way at schools, henceforth that we do that throughout our lives.
And in that regards to that, the opening statement is correct in both of the ways.
Because we were born without understanding, and we get taught based on a singular belief, which equals not truly getting taught at all.
Eventually leading to us being born ignorant, and growing up to be taught to just stay the same…



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  1. An excellent, excellent post indeed Vadim. Dad was super duper impressed with it also – and he says well done as well.

    1. Thank you very much! 🙂

  2. An excellent, excellent post indeed Vadim. Dad was super duper impressed with it also – and he says well done as well.

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