This poem is inspired by my eldest brother, who, at the age of 16, continues to harbor a deep fondness for teddy bears.

[Credit goes to Lizette Nel from Canada for the featured image.]

In lands of dreams and wistful glee,
Where tales unfold, both wild and free,
There lived a boy, of tender years,
With naught but joy and heartfelt cheers.

No name had he, this lad of grace,
A twinkle in his eyes, a radiant face.
His dearest friend, in every strife,
Was a teddy bear, his light in life.

This bear, with fur of golden hue,
Stitched with love, by a mother true,
Held secrets deep within its heart,
A silent confidant, never to depart.

Through boundless meadows they would stray,
In whispered woods, they’d while away.
Together, they danced in twilight’s glow,
As stars adorned the night’s grand show.

In darkest hours, when shadows crept,
The bear would comfort, never slept.
With whispered words, it soothed his fears,
Wiping away the boy’s salty tears.

Through childhood’s maze, they both would roam,
In fantasy’s realm, they found their home.
Through dragon’s lairs and pirate’s ships,
They forged their tales, with smiling lips.

On stormy nights, when thunder roared,
The bear stood tall, his courage soared.
With arms held wide, it shielded the boy,
Battling the tempests with unwavering joy.

But as the years began to pass,
The boy grew up, life moved so fast.
His dreams, once wild, were slowly tamed,
By worldly burdens, they were maimed.

The teddy bear, now worn and old,
With threads unraveled, stories untold,
Sat on a shelf, gathering dust,
Its magic fading, as trust turned to rust.

Yet, in the depths of the boy’s weary soul,
A flicker remained, a burning coal.
He looked upon his cherished bear,
With wistful longing and a heartfelt prayer.

One stormy eve, when memories called,
The boy returned, his heart enthralled.
With dusty hands and eyes aflame,
He held the bear, whispering its name.

The bond rekindled, love’s ember glowed,
As stories spun and laughter flowed.
The bear’s threadbare form regained its might,
In the boy’s arms, they conquered the night.

Through adulthood’s labyrinth they strode,
The boy, now a man, with lessons bestowed.
The teddy bear, a symbol of his youth,
A guiding star, revealing truth.

For love endures, in memories rare,
A boy and his bear, an eternal pair.
In the tapestry of life, stitched with care,
Their epic tale forever shared.

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