Within the realm of echoing halls I tread,
Where hopes and dreams are laced with dread.
Expectations towering like castle walls,
In this education system that silently calls.

The morning bell, an unwelcome chime,
Awakening me to a rhythm, not mine.
A conveyor belt of knowledge and grades,
The essence of learning that slowly fades.

Within these walls, creativity strays,
As conformity thrives, suppressing the blaze.
Curiosity tamed, imagination contained,
In rigid confines, passion is restrained.

Society’s whispers echo loud and clear,
Success is measured by grades, they steer.
But what of my voice, my unique song,
In a world where I’m told to just belong?

Teachers march, time ticking away,
The curriculum a script, no room to sway.
Discussion stifled, diversity dismissed,
In a classroom where questions are missed.

I yearn for a space to explore and grow,
Where knowledge is more than just what I know.
A journey of learning that sparks my mind,
In a system where my spirit can unwind.

I seek an education that fuels my soul,
Where passions flourish and dreams unfold.
A place where mistakes are steps to learn,
And individuality is celebrated in turn.

So here I stand, with courage and might,
Ready to challenge the norm, to ignite,
A revolution of thought, of empathy and grace,
In this realm of education, let’s find our place.

Together we’ll rewrite the narrative old,
Embracing the potential that lies untold.
For education’s purpose is to set us free,
To nurture the mind and let hearts be.

In the whispers of education, let us reclaim,
The power to shape our destiny, to aim,
For a future where learning knows no bounds,
Where voices are heard, where true potential resounds.

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