[Credit goes to Vladimir Mikhaylovskiy from Mariupol, Ukraine for the featured image.]

In twilight’s glow, where dreams alight,
I pen these words with gentle might.
A tale untold, a truth profound,
A yearning voice from worlds unsound.

In innocence, we children dwell,
Where magic whispers secrets swell.
Our hearts, unburdened, soar and roam,
In realms of wonder, call them home.

But oh, dear world, you beckon near,
With tangled webs of grown-up fear.
You seek to claim our tender minds,
To tread on dreams, our spirit binds.

Politics, a game of strife,
Where power’s gained, a ruthless knife.
Children, pure and undefiled,
Are not the pawns to be beguiled.

Let not the stain of schemes so dark,
Impose upon our untamed spark.
For we are not yet fully grown,
Our hearts, like flowers, must be sown.

In realms of books and laughter’s sound,
Our minds unfurl, in tales profound.
We learn of kindness, love, and grace,
In innocence, we find our place.

So, let us dance in gardens green,
Where freedom reigns, an endless scene.
Let not the shadows dim our light,
Nor cloud our souls with fearsome blight.

Instead, let adults seek to learn,
From us, the children, hearts astern.
For in our eyes, they’ll find the key,
To love unbound, and spirits free.

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