Beneath the vast, cerulean sky so high,
Where mountains kiss the heavens with a sigh,
In a world of wonder, where dreams take flight,
Nature’s beauty dances in the soft daylight.

Within the heart of a tranquil forest glade,
Where ancient trees their stories have portrayed,
The gentle rustle of leaves like a soothing song,
Nature’s poetry whispered all day long.

In this serene and untouched expanse,
Where life’s tapestry weaves its intricate dance,
A symphony of colors in every hue,
The world reveals its mysteries to a chosen few.

As the sun sets in a fiery blaze of gold,
And the stars above their secrets unfold,
In the stillness of night, where dreams find ease,
We listen closely to the whispers of the breeze.

With every gust and sigh, nature’s voice does sing,
A melody of ages, a timeless offering,
In this world of wonder, where we find our peace,
We’re embraced by the beauty of the whispers of the breeze.

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