In twilight’s glow, my heart does yearn,
To paint with words, a tale to learn.
With pen in hand, I’ll share my soul,
A poet’s voice, young and bold.

In realms unseen, my dreams take flight,
Where stars align and darkness ignites.
Emotions dance, like butterflies free,
In this vast world, just waiting for me.

Whispered secrets, unspoken desires,
Hidden thoughts, fueled by midnight fires.
Love’s sweet whispers and heartbreak’s sting,
An echo of emotions, the words I bring.

Through tangled webs of thoughts untamed,
I find my voice, never to be tamed.
Raw and real, my pen’s ink flows,
Capturing moments, highs, and lows.

Let my words soar on winds of grace,
Telling stories in this boundless space.
May they resonate, touch hearts and minds,
Unveiling truths, connections that bind.

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