Why do you even wish to know?

If you have read my blog longer than today, you will recognize what I mean by saying that I disclose not that much.
Because of this I have been asked on several occasions to share my life story.
Yet, as many times it has been asked, I never chose to do so.
As really, why should I..?

It’s to me among the greatest problems of these days, the fact that we don’t want to know things about the wisdom it could bring, but rather just because we wish to know.
Which may seem strange, but dare to ask yourself, what use have you of even knowing my past?
If I would share my story, I am quite certain some people would start treating me differently, but apart of that, nothing would change.
In the way I see things, what is done is done and you shouldn’t linger on it too long, as our lives are short and it would take away of the time we have.
Or as a friend of mine always says, “we experience to learn, not to share.”.

That being said, there are those who claim that by not sharing everything about myself, others could never get to know me.
Which is very confusing to me, as are we really what happened to us?
To me the answer to this is simple, we are not what happened to us, we are how we act.
I wouldn’t describe a person as having been bullied, having reached some achievement, or being active at a profession.
No, I would describe a person with a reflection of how they are, whether they are kind, compassionate, honest, trustworthy… You know, by the way they show to be.
As let’s face it, to give just one of many possible examples, it doesn’t matter if someone grew up in poverty or riches, they could be equally good as evil.
Their previous experiences formed them, but it is not how they are.

Some of us choose to leave our past behind, to let it influence but not affect, which I am one of.
Yet, far more importantly, we never have learned from another’s past to begin with, as the continuous cycle of hurt we have in our world proves.
Sometimes, the best way of sharing knowledge is by silence…