In the darkest hour, a flicker of light,
A beacon of hope, ever burning bright.
Through trials and tears, we find our way,
Wings of hope shall guide us every day.

Amidst the storms, we’ll rise and soar,
With dreams as wings, we’ll explore.
In every challenge, a chance to grow,
To learn, to change, to bloom and glow.

The road may twist, the path may bend,
Yet courage and strength shall be our friend.
With every step, we’ll embrace the unknown,
For within our souls, true strength is sown.

When shadows fall and doubts appear,
We’ll banish fear and persevere.
With unwavering faith and hearts aglow,
We’ll overcome, we’ll thrive, we’ll show.

No burden too heavy, no mountain too steep,
Our spirits lifted, our souls run deep.
In unity, we’ll rise above,
With wings of hope and boundless love.

Embrace the journey, let doubt unfurl,
For hope ignites the fire in every pearl.
With dreams as wings, we’ll take the leap,
And find the treasures buried deep.

So let us dance upon the breeze,
With dreams as wide as endless seas.
In every heart, a fearless scope,
Together we fly, with wings of hope.

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