It is a phrase that actually applies to too many times in the recent days “Without being respectful, people will never respect you.”.
In basics, it seems too easy, that if you are respectful to others, that they are respectful to you, yet in practice, almost always it is how it works.

To take myself as an example, there are enough reasons why people could hate me, like for the fact I am Jewish, am an Ukrainian, I live at Russia, have a Polish mother, am only 15 years old, have Turkic ancestry(No, not Turkish, 2 different meanings), am Autistic, my first(/strongest) 3 languages being Russian, Turkish and Greek, being male, having used drugs, standing against drugs, standing against smoking, being a socialist, being supportive to pure democracy, being against representative democracy/psephocracy, standing against feminism, standing against reverse discrimination(Mostly due to Equality and Feminism), standing for equity, standing for fair treatment of females(part of equity), standing against the Oral Torah(part of Judaism), standing for religion being guidelines instead of being unbreakable rules, and even more that I won’t even have to state.

In general, most will notice they would discriminate me for at least 1 reason, but also would think one of them is ridiculous.
The simple fact is that all of them are ridiculous, none actually excluded, which is the exact problem.
People tend to be disrespectful for reasons they think are justified, but the fact behind it, there is no right reason to be disrespectful to anyone.

When we look at the most obvious reasons for discrimination, I don’t have much problems.
Those would be religion, skin color, nationality, place of residence, age, sexuality, sex/gender, culture, ancestry and views of the world.
Is that weird? Well, no.
To understand, my main problem should be, according to most, the Islamic believe, reason for that is the problems between Israel and Palestine…
To take a closer look to just that, is that this is a problem that is fully based on ignorance, and not actually facts.

To look at the Palestine and Israel discussion, which is already controversial, but my view is also controversial, is that the problem is not actually between Jewish people and Muslims…
The problem is between Israelis and Palestinians, and the supporters of Palestinians, which are actually mostly Muslims.
Yet, when we look at facts, neither side is without fault for the current problems, and neither for it not being resolved.
You could check history to see what I mean, and I would say to focus on the more recent years for the Israeli “mistakes”, around the second world war for the Palestinian “mistakes”, but also in fact to the UN agreement of 1947 in specific how the Arabic community, so not Palestinians, made the problems escalate…
Nowadays people would like to make it seem like it is a religion problem, which is quite smart as it increases support by religion ties, but it is not, instead it has in fact only became more problematic because people think so, it is all about the regions/area.

Am I disrespectful when it comes to just the part above?
Well, the answer is no, as I didn’t focus on 1 part being bad, didn’t use inappropriate words, and just voiced my opinion.
Yet, some people will say that I am, which is caused by 1 reason, their support…
Which is just the thing, most of us do not see what we are doing when we are defending our supports, whether they are right or not.

When we are honest, many problems are caused by people being disrespectful, however it starts most often when a side gets attacked because they voice their opinions, which is not disrespectful in general, unless a line is crossed obviously.
Yet that is where the problem is, many have no clue where the line is, and unless you know that line, you could call anything disrespectful…

Stating “Without being respectful, people will never respect you” is easy, but not incorrect, it just need awareness of your own actions, and not focusing at those of others.
But that is the main thing, we rather focus on others, and forget our own part, but also don’t take it as an importance to show the other how it could be done…
In the end, our problem is not that we are disrespected, but rather that we are disrespectful ourselves…