Words are the problem

As my blog is kind of an extension of my Twitter profile, it is likely that you have read the following Tweet:

Most of the content I tweet is related to how I feel, which could be to me personally, or to something that has happened.
Hence the music of Orphaned Land coming by quite often, as the lyrics of their music is reflective to how I feel about a lot of subjects.
But also why I receive messages like these from time to time by my true friends:
Words are the problem 1

So, complete silence by me is a very bad sign, as it means there is something I do not wish to talk about, which is the case.
It may be something you’ve read about already, as it was published by Human Rights Watch as a source outside of Russia, the (alleged) abuse at the Lazurnenskaya Residential Corrective School, a boarding school for children without parental care in Cheremushki at the Russian Chelyabinsk Oblast.
Something that bothers me already enough as someone active for the rights of children without parental care in Russia, (something which is already hard enough being Ukrainian and all,) but, far more importantly, also completely pisses me off, because it’s not something that only happens once or twice, as confirmed by the recent masses of reports of abuse throughout the world, not just in connection of children without parental care.
It’s a crime that scars someone for the rest of his/her life, while the criminal often is back in society after just a couple of years…
Which is where my syncretic view at politics shows, as this is one of the parts at which you find me at the right of the political spectrum; in my opinion those criminals should never be released into society again.
Yet, they do, which is where I believe the justice system fails horribly…

But beyond just that, it reminds me of my own past.
As it’s no secret that I know the abuse very well, and also know that justice doesn’t reign.
Often it is a struggle for the police to even listen, let alone believe, after an act of abuse (or neglect) happened, and even if they listen and believe, for them to act.
And, no, it doesn’t matter where you live, as I have yet to hear of any location where the police is any better than over here in Ukraine, or in our neighboring Russia.
Creating the understandable stigma and silence, as police should be there to protect us, but, in reality, they are not.
Still, that being said, the police is not even the true problem to begin with.
Because for justice to reign you need to look back to that ancient old problem, politics.
Politics is the problem over here as well, as for police to protect us well, you need well-formed laws, clear and understandable laws, but also only a few laws.
Instead, the laws of our countries are incredibly complicated, even though we should know them, and also too many to ever know them all.
About a year ago I checked up on how many laws most European countries had, and (almost) all of them had above 300 laws, some even going beyond the 500 mark, without the inclusion of the EU laws to which the European EU-countries need to comply…
Of course, like I already said, we do need to know them, and so does the police, but because of the amount of laws, combined with the complexity to understand them, police has too little time to ever enforce them all, even though they should do so.
Hence most of the police actually being busy with the parts of law that brings them money, like speeding tickets and such.
After all, the police also needs money to live…
Creating an unending circle of decreasing protection of law, one which causes increasing unsafety, to the point that criminals, like abusers, no longer are scared of the possibility of facing justice over their crimes, as the chances are only becoming more slim of it happening after time…

Which is also where my silence comes forth of, as to me this seems as easy as 1+1=2 to understand, but the opposite seems to be true.
Instead of politicians bringing forth improvement, they only bring more problems by creating even more laws and complicating laws beyond the point of even understanding what a law truly says.
We need the exact opposite, less laws and less words, as if we wish to have working laws, they need to be as simple as that we shouldn’t steal and hurt one another, and not something very complicated as to what stealing and hurting another truly is, after all, we all know what is intended to be said by those words.
Which doesn’t mean I wish to say that politicians are the only problem regarding the increasing amount of abuse reports, but they are a very important part to it.
As, to me, they oppose justice as much as the criminals do….

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