In the midst of a world so wild and free
Where mountains touch the sky and oceans meet the sea
There lies a land of wonder and grace
A place where dreams and hopes embrace

The sun rises every morning with a golden light
And spreads its warmth, driving out the night
The stars twinkle in the darkness above
A shining reminder of the power of love

The wind whispers secrets in the trees
As the leaves rustle in the gentle breeze
The birds sing sweet songs in harmony
A symphony of nature’s perfect melody

The rivers flow, carving paths through the land
A force of nature, they cannot be banned
They carry with them the stories of old
Of struggles and triumphs, of love and bold

The animals roam, free in their home
A reminder of the world’s natural dome
Their beauty and strength a sight to behold
A testament to nature’s perfect mold

In this world of wonder, we find our place
As we seek to understand the mysteries we face
Our journey through life, a quest to explore
The depths of our soul, to learn and restore

As we walk the paths of life, we learn to grow
And as we do, our wisdom begins to show
Our journey may be long, but we must not fear
For each step we take, brings us ever near

Near to the truth, near to our dreams
Near to the beauty, that surrounds us it seems
We are but a part of this world divine
And through our love, we make it shine

So let us live each day with passion and joy
And let us not be afraid to explore and employ
The gifts we’ve been given, the talents we own
For through our actions, our love is shown

In this world of wonder, we find our way
And through our love, we create a new day
A day of hope, of joy, of peace
A day where love and kindness will never cease

So let us journey on, through this world so wild and free
With the sun in our hearts, and the wind at our feet
For in this world of wonder, we will find
Our purpose, our destiny, our peace of mind.

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