Today is World Orphans Day, one of the most important awareness days to me, but also one that makes me realize that the bad in this world is not always created by the ways we suppose.

For example, did you know that the reason why all orphan estimations are regarded as incorrect is based on the fact that orphans are those who lost both parents through death, and afterwards, in most of the cases, taken care of by family?
Often the false estimations of orphans is caused by the belief that all children who live in institutions, especially orphanages and children’s homes, are orphans, which is not the case.
Only about 1% of those who live in institutions are actual orphans, as not every child without parental care is an orphan.
This is why I am also fighting for the correct usage of terminology by NGOs and NPOs, as the simple awareness of the fact that an orphan is a child who lost both parents through death, or that orphanages no longer exist in many countries but are children’s homes instead, could effectively help to protect vulnerable orphaned children against certain hurtful situations.
Among those is the so-called “orphanage tourism”, or the actual factual term of voluntourism, which is happening so often caused by the incorrect belief that there are hundred-millions of orphans in institutions…
However, based on solid information, there only about 10 million children living in institutions, of which the amount of orphans is said to be only about 100 thousand.
Or in terms of the country in which I am active at the rights of children, which is Russia, there are about 5 thousand orphans said to be without parental care, which is only about 10% of the children without parental care, based on the 54503 registered children without parental care at the time of the latest check, which was on the 30th of June 2017.

This World Orphan Day, be aware of this and, please, don’t let this become another moment of false information, but instead the move towards factual information.
As there is too much false information being spread about orphans already, yet too little factual information.
Thank you for reading.


Do you wish to help the efforts of anti-institutionalization, why not check out the Lumos charity?
Lumos was founded in 2005 by British author J. K. Rowling, and has since then actively fought institutionalization, with results to show for their efforts.
Although Lumos remains one of my criticized charities for their incorrect usage of terminology, their acts are incredible, it’s just too bad that they voice them incorrectly.
However, to me, acts are more important than words, and therefore Lumos is my current most recommended anti-institutionalization organization.

Or if you rather wish to actually support those without parental care to find families, check out the Change One Life Foundation in Russia or Ukraine.
This foundation has been recognized for being the most successful in Russian history in their efforts against institutionalization, and in support of finding families for those without parental care.
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