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Yet another web host switch

Blog Update 13150

It’s becoming almost a regular event when it comes to my blog, web host switches, as it has happened yet again. However, this is the first time it is not actually based on my own choice.

What happened?

Unlike the switch away from the American Namecheap for not actually being online 24/7, the switch from the Ukrainian Besthosting for severe fluctuations in server speed, for the same reason I left the French OVH, and KPN International because of… well, actually getting a better offer by our previous host… 😐
The move away from the German host, *HIDDEN*, has to do with an all out conflict that started just a few days ago, which has to do with a large number of reports showing up online because of supposed fraudulent activity by this company. Noticing this, I obviously questioned what was going on. While I expected a kind response, my previous German friends had other ideas, and the response was both impolite as offensive. This sparked my interest and the questioning about what was going on continued. This went on for a few hours, until finally they responded that they didn’t care for what my opinion was. A weird response, especially as they were a long time sponsor of my blogs, but a response that triggered me to remove them from my footer list, where previously my sponsors were stated on all of my blogs. Silence reigned, until early morning, possibly even during the night, of the 22nd of October 2018. They apparently kept an eye on my blogs and noticed I removed the mention towards them, and their response was harsh, firm, and completely ridiculous… They blocked the access towards, and took down, all servers I owned at them, both sponsored as paid, leading to my blogs and website instantly going down offline. However, apart of just equaling my blogs and regular websites going down, also all content which I worked on for 3 years by now, like translations, previous blog posts, as well as blog posts I had planned to release these upcoming days, and a lot of more content, inaccessible. Filthy, to say the least. And it didn’t stop there, as my latest domains were registered through them, meaning the domain of my translation blog and my personal blog, which suddenly came in a situation of limbo. After all, I have no clue what they were, and are, planning to do! Obviously, I was mad. However, it was yet to get worse, as they started accusing me of defamation, and stated that they no longer would sponsor me, as well as that they didn’t want me as a customer anymore.
Well, after this blog post they can accuse me of defamation all they want. As when I am honest, I have a feeling that the claims of fraud by them are correct, looking at how they saw simple questions as accusations, while I previously would have supported them whatever would have happened. It at least proves what I always have believed, which is that companies only care about money.

The solution

As the situation reached its peak during the afternoon of the 22nd of October 2018, I decided that it was enough, and that I didn’t want to continue the conversation. Hence I reached out to a friend, which recommended TransIP, like KPN International, which I am still very happy about, a Dutch company, which were happy to help me out. And after just 8 minutes of reaching out to them, they launched a Linux server just for me. Afterwards, it was just a list of commands in the terminal to set up all requirements for my blog, getting an SSL certificate again, and protecting it against hack attempts. And, *poof*, this blog was back again.

Moving forward

Because this blog is now hosted at another host, there won’t be any problems, at least not resulting by the mess known as *HIDDEN*. This domain is eventually bought through the Ukrainian Bestname, which is indeed a part of the previously already named Besthosting, not them.
However, that does leave the future of my translation blog and personal blog, and I have to admit that I also don’t know what will happen with both of those blogs. For the moment, I can’t safely use them, as *HIDDEN* could just change the domain settings, and pull them down yet again. Hence I have made the choice to return to how I once blogged, all at this blog, as I don’t have a true choice anymore regardless. Once the domains are close to expiring, I will transfer them to a different provider, but as both domains were relatively new, that is going to take a long while.

So, in short, I will be sticking to this domain from now on.



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