Today I got a message that my most recent translated songs on YouTube were not displaying correctly.
Which is indeed true.
While using any Chromium-based browser, like Google Chrome and Opera, to watch my most recent uploads, videos stutter throughout.
As it turns out, the problems are caused by the most recent update of the software I use to hard-code the subtitles, which I am not going to name, but in case you use it as well, saying that it is Australian should state enough.
In a way it is funny, as it has to do with the way Google’s YouTube re-encodes videos for delivery on their website, which in this case only causes problems with Chromium-based browsers, which is also of Google, but not other browsers, like Mozilla Firefox, nor actually on phones, tablets, and smart TVs.
And yes, for those who wonder, I did contact Google about the problem as well, as they need to update their coding.(It’s able to be exploited in certain ways…)

Anyhow, to resolve the issues, I will be taking down the affected videos momentarily, and reupload working versions.
After this I will upload the translation that I promised on Twitter as well, which has been delayed by me needing to find the source of the problems and fix it all.
My apologies to anyone who may have experienced frustration caused by all of this.